Andrew Reardon/Mary Callaghan, 1889

I just received the following question via an message board:

Do you have an Andrew Reardon who married Mary Callaghan about 1889? Mary was originally from Ontario, Canada.
Not my line, but I’m helping my cousin on her Callaghans.
Jim McCallum

Anyone have any information on these individuals? Post a comment if you do.  I know there are some Reardons out there in Clontarf…

Andrew was a son of Henry and Bridget Reardon who came to Minnesota from the Eastern U. S. in the early 1850s and settled in Credit River Township, Scott County.  The first lumber yard and general store owner in Clontarf, Dominic McDermott, also came from Credit River.  The family moved to Tara Township (near Clontarf) in 1876.

I don’t have anything on the Callaghans right now, but I remember the name from the plat maps.  More to come…


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10 responses to “Andrew Reardon/Mary Callaghan, 1889

  1. Jackie Doherty

    Our only Reardon is Tom Reardon who married Bridget Foley. Bridget Foley was born in Canada in 1845. In 1861, the census for her family was in the Township of Frampton, County of Dorcheste, Quebec, Canada. Maybe she met Tom Reardon in Canada and Tom was kin to Andrew. That is as close as I can come.

  2. Robert J Klucas

    My great grandparents on my mothers side were Henry & Bridget (Mooney) Reardon. My wifes great grandparents on her mothers side were Henry & Bridget(Mooney) Reardon. Yes, we are third cousins.We have some history ,names,marriages etc. on our old folks. Their was an Andrew in Henry & Bridgets family but we understood that he never married. Another Reardon family here had an Andy too. One of these Andys was maybe known as big Andy ,the other as little Andy. Alice & Sylvester were in the other ” Andy ” family.

    • Thanks! In researching Clontarf history I have always been a bit confused by the Reardons. I feel like they show up everywhere! Do you know how the Reardons of Clontarf were related to the Reardons of Tara Township?

      Since there is already some interest, we are going to highlight the Reardon family in our first family profile.

    • Ann McInnis-Tonge

      I have Andrew Reardon (son of John & Bridget) married Mary Callaghan. Their children: May J., John Terence, Thomas Joseph, Andrew E., Katherine, Sylvester P., Agnes & Loretta Alice.
      Would this be in the Big & Little Andy family?

  3. Robert J Klucas

    in ref to earlier note Slyvester Alice etc Reardon….. Their mothers name was Mary.

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  5. Ann Tonge

    Age Dispatch newspaper, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
    March 5, 1889:
    ” A Wedding
    We clip the following from the East Brainerd News of Minnesota, believing it will be read with interest when it is known that the bride was a former resident of Strathroy;-
    On Wednesday evening, Feb. 11, at the residence of the bride’s parents, on Third avenue, Mr. Andrew Reardon and Miss Mary Callaghan were married by the Rev. Father Teutenberg. The groom is a prominent farmer of Pope County, Minn. and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Callaghan. After the ceremony a reception was given at the residence of the bride’s parents, followed by a dance at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. James McDonald. There was a good company of invited friends and relatives in attendance and all enjoyed the occasion very much. The happy couple will leave for their home in Pope county next week, followed by the best wishes of many friends. The following is a list of the presents:— From the groom to the bride, a set of elegant jewelry; Owen Callaghan, brother of the bride, half dozen silver knives and forks in satin lined case; Miss Belle Gardner and Mr. Gardner, silver pickle castor; Miss Bessie Heelan, half dozen decorated plates; Mr. Joseph Forgy, silver butter knife; Mr. Patrick Willis, perfume case; Mr. James Willis, half dozen silver tea-spoons; Miss Frankie Graham, toilet set; Mrs. James Brownley, luminous clock; Miss. Kittie Spillane, hand painted perfume set; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hagerty, a silver butter dish; Miss Retta Withrow, pair of linen towels; Mrs. John McMahon, silver and glass fruit dish; Miss May Murphy and Miss Lizzie Manogue, Marseilles bedspread; Mr. Terrance Callaghan, pair of gold bracelets; Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Quinn, a pair of vases; Messrs. Child & Angel, alligator pocket book. “

  6. Ann McInnis-Tonge

    I am trying to figure out if my G.Grandfather, Terrance was the brother of Patrick. There ages are very close and I have always figured there was some family connection when Terrance traveled from Adelaide Twp., Ontario to East Brainerd, Minnesota for a wedding. In 1889 it would have been a significant journey. A few weeks ago, a lovely lady in Minn. sent me some articles on my G. Aunt’s family. When her son got married, included in the guests were Mr. & Mrs. A. Reardon & daughter Alice of Clontarf, Minn.

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