Mystery Photo #2

What is this?

No one even attempted a guess on the first mystery photo.  It was pretty easy…any last minute guesses?

On to the second mystery photo.  This building was constructed in 1878 and is no longer standing.

Identify the building and the year it was torn down correctly and you will be entered in a monthly drawing for a special Clontarf prize!  You had better hurry – the deadline is Friday, April 30th.  (You can earn an additional entry if you guess on Mystery Photo #1 as well)

Any ideas?


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6 responses to “Mystery Photo #2

  1. Jackie Doherty

    This picture is the Catholic church parish house. It was torn down in 1977. The first picture was the jail.
    Don’t I sound sure of myself? HaHa

  2. Debbie Andrews

    Just got an email from my cousin today, looked at the picture and first thought, Reardon house,, but only for a second and then I thought of the parish house.. I recognized the evergreen next to the house,,, remember standing under that tree getting pictures taken…

  3. Anne Schirmer

    The old parish house had a grand open staircase to the second story. Beautiful dark wood, as I remember it.
    creaked a lot.
    Second story had a library with bookcases to the ceiling. The upper half, as I recall them, are in the Parish Hall in Clontarf now as a display case.
    I wonder if anyone has photos inside the house….
    I remember attending CCD classes as a 1st grader in the back room at the rectory….
    I think Gloria Greene was our teacher. She was probably a senior in high school in Benson.

    • Thanks, Anne. It was such a pretty house. That is neat that the cases in the hall are from the library. Maybe we should somehow label them with the photo of the parish house?

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