Sports from Clontarf

1920s Clontarf

This photograph was in an album belonging to my grandfather, John Regan’s, cousin.   My grandfather’s aunt Mary Hill O’Brien moved to Chinook, MT from Clontarf in the late 1910s and daughters visited Clontarf on several occasions throughout the 1920s.

A couple of people have agreed that the man in the middle is Richard McMahon, the son of the Clontarf depot agent Frank McMahon (who was my great-grandfather’s brother).  The two in the hats?  Well, it is kind of tough to see their faces, but my sources say they are either Reardons or Dohertys.

Any ideas?


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2 responses to “Sports from Clontarf

  1. Jackie Doherty

    According to Tom (Thomas J. Doherty), the man on the right side of the photo (open coat) is his grandfather, Joseph L. Doherty ( B. Dec. 1, 1874, D. Dec. 16, 1946).

    • I believe that is who Gerald and Donald Regan decided it was, too. They thought the other one was Joe’s brother. I showed it to Francis awhile ago, but he wasn’t sure. I think it is a cool picture.
      P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the info you asked for…I will get to it this week!

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