Ladies of Clontarf

A photograph with Reardon connections:

Clontarf - 1920s

The caption reads, “Mrs. McCrystal, Katie Reardon, and Auntie”.  Mrs. McCrystal was the wife of the school superintendant and Auntie was Annie Hill Regan.  This is another photograph from an album that belonged to one of Annie’s nieces from Montana.

Anybody know anything about Katie Reardon?

This photo is from the 1920s, I suspect.


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10 responses to “Ladies of Clontarf

  1. Anne Schirmer

    I’ll get Mary Reardon Langon to give an opinion…
    Except, right now, Mary is in the throws of moving into Benson from her home in Tara Twp. She had her best friend, Gretchen Apitz, helping her last Thursday.
    Gretchen lives in southern MN, but was on her way north to visit a daughter and to watch the grandson play high school football. Gretchen was at Mass Friday morning with Mary and joined us for coffee afterwards at the Cafe. Lots of laughter, as you can imagine, from those two…Gretchen’s mother was Margaret McCarthy. Margaret ran the Shamrock Cafe in Clontarf when I was a kid (1960s). Her husband was “Doc” Apitz. I never knew him. Margaret’s other child was Roberta “Robbie”. I believe Margaret’s dad was Patrick McCarthy….She was an only daughter, but had 4 brothers, I believe…all at the cemetary at Clontarf. Again, I can ask Mary on Friday….

  2. Robert Klucas

    Katie Reardon was my Grandmother. She passed away in 1999 and was 106 years old. She was married to James Reardon, (son of John H Reardon and Catherine Hogan) Katies real name was Catherine but everyone called her Katie.Katie was married in Clontarf. Her parents were Tom McDonough ,and I think now without looking I think, Catherine LeFleur. Perhaps that is why she was called Katie. Although her parents were married in Clontarf in 1886 she grew up in St Paul Mn and returned to Clontarf as a young girl to work as two of her brothers already were working here.

  3. Anne Schirmer

    I called Bob’s sister Donna (Mrs. Wayne) Ascheman to ask her “Katie’s” last name when she passed away in 1999, and she reminded me it was Burgess. So she was Catherine McDonough-Reardon-Bergess (or Burgess?)
    She had 5 daughters, I think, and one son, Raymond, who was killed in Clontarf while riding his bicycle and was struck by a car about age 13, I think. All 5 daughters married and had children…
    I’d have to look to see if the history book tells of the other siblings Katie had…I have the leaflet from Catherine Bergess’s funeral as well…

  4. Jim from Minneapolis

    I believe this photo is much older. Katie was born in 1892 and looks much younger than 30 here. She was married to James Reardon in 1912 and I’d wager this is right around that time. Their first child Raymond died of Diptheria at 1 year old, not 13. Hope that helps shed a little light!

  5. Jim from Minneapolis

    Correction to my post above: Kate was born in 1893. She came to Clontarf as a teen to look for work, as she had two older brothers there already. I’m going to guess she’s about 16 in this picture, dating the photo at 1909 or so. The fact that the writing in the picture says Katie Reardon could just be because it was written later after they were married. This is only my speculation of course, maybe it is the 1920s. But ask yourself, how old do you think Katie is here, and add that number to 1893.

    Katie did later marry a fellow named Burgess (Henry?) and they lived in WI in their later years, Spooner I believe. After her second husband’s death she lived at a nursing home in Roseville, MN. I met her several times in the 1990s when she would visit my Grandfather, and she was a lovely woman who still enjoyed a glass of beer!

    If anyone has the email of the woman who owned this photo, I’d love to write her to see if she has any other pictures of Katie Reardon.

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