Bruno J. Perrizo: Renaissance Man of Clontarf

Mr. Bruno J. Perrizo certainly was a busy man!  This excerpt is from the 100th Anniversary booklet:

Bruno J. Perrizo was born in Delavan, Minnesota in 1868. He was married to Miss Melinda Litterneau in Delavan in 1889 and came to Clontarf in 1903. After conducting a land office in Clontarf for two years, the family moved to Hancock where B. J. Perrizo operated a saloon for the next six years. In 1911 the Perrizo family returned to Clontarf where B. J. Perrizo entered the hay business and operated a saloon until 1917. In 1912 B. J. Perrizo and his nephew, Wm. J. Perrizo, organized the Farmers State Bank of Clontarf with B. J. Perrizo as President and Wm. J. Perrizo as Cashier. The bank was sold to the First State Bank Stock Corporation in 1931.

B. J. Perrizo operated a stock and dairy farm in the Clontarf area for a quarter of a century. He was also a livesock buyer for a number of years prior to the organizaiton of the Clontarf Shipping Association. In 1933 he opened a cafe and beer parlor in the Clontarf bank building. He was a great lover of horses and raised blooded stock for several years; he raced some of his horses in Canada.

There were six children in the Perrizo family: Della, Belle, Roy, Hazel, Archie, and Winifred. Belle Perrizo Fiala operated the cafe for several years after B. J. Perrizo’s death in 1938.

You were correct Jackie!  Mystery Photo #3 is the old Clontarf bank building.  Thanks for the history of the building after it was used for the bank.  You can read her comments here.

Anyone know when the bank was torn down?  Any memories of the building, in any of its incarnations?

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5 responses to “Bruno J. Perrizo: Renaissance Man of Clontarf

  1. Douglas Becker

    Belle was my grandmother that I never knew! my mother is her only child, and her name is also Winifred.

  2. Anne Schirmer

    I took lots of pictures during the 125th celebration in Aug. 2003. I had to ask for and ID of some people because I didn’t know who I had taken a picture of. Mary Reardon Langan told me it was Wini & and her son. Was that you, Douglas Becker?

  3. Anne Schirmer

    So Belle Perrizo Fiala named her daughter Winifred, and she had a sister named Winifred? I should ask someone for a picture of the Perrizo Family for the Clontarf Scrapbook. Does one exist?

  4. Douglas Becker

    im going to ask mom about that!

  5. Anne Schirmer

    Please tell your mother Ellard Chamberlain, Jr., passed away 4/11/2011.
    His funeral was Thurs. 4/14/2011 at Clontarf.
    Obit can be found at West Central Tribune ( or Swift County Monitor (
    Also, Jack Ascheman passed away. His funeral was Tues. 4/12/2011 at Clontarf…..

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