Clontarf and Tara: Twin Townships

On December 16, 1878 William Duggan, Michael Shea, Edward McGinley, and James Kent resigned as officers of Clontarf Township.  They no longer lived in Clontarf, but they didn’t move.  The township records state they “resigned on account of town separation”.  Because of the influx of settlers, Clontarf Township was divided in two and Tara Township was born just west of Clontarf Township.

With the Tara cadre gone, the doors were opened to more Clontarf residents wishing to dip their toes in local government waters.  On December 16th Frank Roll and John Ledwidge were elected to the positions of supervisors, and our old friend and general store owner D.F. McDermott became the new treasurer.  Their terms would expire on March 11, 1879.

A couple of other faces familiar to readers of the blog joined the board on March 11, 1879: John Casey as “Assessor”, Michael O’Niell as “Constable”, and Thomas Casey as “Overseer Road District 2”.

D.F. McDermott remained Treasurer for years and must have been an influential figure in the early days of Clontarf.  Legend has it that Mr. McDermott attempted to control, or influence, the government of Tara Township by sending messages via the influential Tara resident Michael Donovan.  Many of the residents of Tara resented these attempts at manipulation.  At least one Tara resident became Republican in response to the Democratic tendencies of Mr. McDermott.

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