Mystery Photo #4

On warm Sunday afternoons, what do most of us like to do?  Go to the lake, play with the kids, have a picnic, relax with family and friends…

A little bit of all of that is going on in this Mystery Photo, except for the going to the lake part – unless Byrne “Lake” or “Lake” Malachy counts.*

Mystery Photo #4

Do any of these people look familiar to you?  Click on the photo to make it larger.  I believe this photo was taken in 1918, could be Tara Township or Clontarf.  Actually, I suppose it could be almost anywhere.

The woman on the far left is my great-grandmother Annie Hill Regan, standing behind her in the vest is great-grandfather Neil Regan, and in the front on the left is my grandfather John (“Red” as he was known in Clontarf) Regan.

Any ideas? Something to ponder over the weekend…

*Byrne Lake and Lake Malachy show up on Plat maps, although their existences can’t be proven.


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2 responses to “Mystery Photo #4

  1. Jackie Doherty

    I might not be correct, but – man and woman on the far right of the picture look like Joseph L. Doherty (1874-1946) and wife Catherine M. Doherty (1874-1944).

    • Jackie,

      I think you might be right. I just looked more closely at the woman on the right and it looks like she has a nose like her brother Jack Byrne and Francis! She was Catherine Byrne, correct? At this time, the Regans lived just a mile or so west of the Dohertys (I need to check the plat map). There are some other photos from this same day, I will see if any of them show a different view of those two. Thanks, Jackie!


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