Hughes Family Part II: John & Mary McGeary Hughes

The Hughes story continues…

John Hughes married Mary McGeary of Marysland Township in 1898.  They had 10 children: Anthony, William, John, Mary, Rose, Joseph, Anne, Janet, Agnes and Florence.  Anne Hughes and Rose Hughes Perrizo live in Clontarf and Janet Hughes Strand lives in Benson.  The four sons are deceased and Mary, Agnes, and Florence live in California.

John Hughes was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.  He hauled rocks from his farm for the foundation of the present church of St. Malachy and also helped in the building of the A.O.H. Hall.

I was cross-referencing with the Swift County History book and it looks like the McGeary family from Marysland came from County Tyrone, Ireland, as did the Hughes family.  I also noted that Patrick McGeary married Mary Hughes, daughter of Cornelius and Catherine (Dunn) Hughes.  If anyone is interested, we can look further into it.

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8 responses to “Hughes Family Part II: John & Mary McGeary Hughes

  1. Damon McGeary

    I would ike very much like to know as much as possible about
    Mary McGeary. She is my great great grandmother and I want to learn more about my ancestors.
    Thank you ever so much.

  2. Douglas Becker

    my mother is Winifred Fiala, niece of Rose Perrizo, who we spent time with growing up. Does anybody remember my mother or great Aunt Rose?

    • Douglas – I bet that Anne Schirmer knows something about your family, and that people remember Rose Perrizo. Didn’t Belle run a cafe in Clontarf? I will get Anne on this topic! Thanks for reading the blog!


  3. Don Hughes

    Just catching up n history, my parents were Chauncey & Florence Hughes. I think my great grandfather was Cornelius & Mary Hughes. Both of my parents and my mothers parents are buried in Clontarf. My mothers name was Reardon dughter of Jim and Katie Reardon.

    Are there other sites I can visit to check on my family hisotry?

    • Thanks for checking out the blog, Don.

      This site has some info on the history of Swift County:

      My grandfather, John Regan, was friends with your uncle Lloyd Hughes way back when. Actually, I believe I have a photo of Lloyd’s wedding. I think your mother was part of the “car pool” of about five Clontarf kids whom my grandfather drove to Benson for high school. That was my grandfather’s senior year, 1932-33.

      Do you have any photographs of your parents?

      Keep in touch!


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