From Gosson to Ollendick: Tara Section 10

Last week Anne mentioned her curiosity about the Gosson family who once owned the land her parents purchased in the late 1940s.  Read what Anne had to say here.

Her parents purchased two 80 acre parcels that formed a checkerboard pattern across the middle of section 10 in Tara Township.  Let’s take a closer look at the history of those 160 acres…

Looking back through the old plat maps we see that John Gosson was an early settler in Tara Township.  In 1886, he owned the south 80 acres of the northwest quarter of section 10 in Tara and by 1902 he had added the north 80 acres of the southeast quarter to his holdings.  By the time of the 1917 plat map, William Gosson’s name appears on the two 80 acre parcels.  The next map I have access to is 1931 when William Gosson “et al” are shown as owners.  The Gosson family held on to those 160 acres for at least fifty years.

On September 12, 1885 John Gosson called into McDermott General Store for 1 pound of yarn ($1), 10-cents worth of SM oil (is that oil for machinery?), and 4 yards of muslin (.40).  Mr. Gosson could have made the trip into Clontarf with his neighbor from section 8, Patrick Lawler who picked up a spade for $1.15.

There were a couple of other interesting purchases from that day.  A Mr. H.J. Maher bought a pen knife for 75-cents, and Frank McMahon (my great-great-grandfather) picked up a “first reader” for 10-cents and a “second reader” for 20-cents – one of those could have been for my great-grandfather Tom who was nearly seven-years-old in September of 1885.

I love the little peaks into the daily lives of the early settlers that the store ledger provides.

I wonder what ever happened to the Gosson family?


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7 responses to “From Gosson to Ollendick: Tara Section 10

  1. Jerry McGuire

    Ther was aJim Gosson living in Benson until the “50’s&60′”.I believe he was born on the same day as I was,4/7/35. He was apoliceman in Benson for awhile. I have not heard about him for years.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jerry. Did you grow up in the area? I know I have seen the McGuire name pop up from time to time.

      Have a great weekend and thanks again!


      • Jerry Mcguire

        I grew up in Danvers,there areno longer any of the McGuire family left in Danvers.My grand father was one of the first settlers out there,He was instrimental in establishing the school and the Catholic Church in the town He was married to a Duffy ,A Duffy was the first white child born in Swift Co. My father ran the pool hall in Danvers,which burned down in 1932,He died in Danvers in 1940.

      • Where did your grandfather live before settling in Danvers? Interesting about the Duffy child – was the Duffy family also from Danvers?

  2. Anne Schirmer

    Jim Gosson passed away maybe 10 years ago. I’d have to look up the actual date. He had married Jeanette Haukos of Clontarf and had several children. Jeanette still lives in Benson, as does her mother, Rita, that married again after Ordie Haukos died. Her name in the phone book is Rita Erdmann and she is maybe 90 but in good shape and good mind… Rita’s other daughter is Marlene Berens. Rita’s son, David, doesn’t live here, but is in Minnesota… I don’t know anything more about Jim Gosson lineage. I’ll look up his obit the next time I’m at the Hall in Clontarf, or I’ll ask Rita or Jeannette the next time I see them in Clontarf….or Benson…

  3. Anne Schirmer

    The obit on Jim Gosson the the Swift County Monitor-News included a picture of him in his uniform. A handsom gentleman.

  4. Anne Schirmer

    According to what your wrote, Anie, Thomas O’Brien’s first wife was Ann Owens. Would she re a sister or other relative to Mrs. Gosson, as she was an Owens?

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