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Eileen was the only one who ventured a guess on the price of a broom at McDermott’s Gerneral Store in 1885.  She guessed 19 cents.  The broom actually set Patrick Langan back 30 cents.  That means Eileen wins 5 bonus entries in the September drawing!

And the winner of the August drawing is…

Donna Chevalier

I sent you an email, Donna, but if you don’t get it, contact me at:

Keep those comments coming and thanks for reading!


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And the next item up for bid is…


No 1885 farm kitchen would be complete without the utilitarian splendor of this broom, made of the finest broom corn and other materials available this side of the Mississippi.  Sturdy yet sleek, this broom could sweep up a mess of crumbs and dirt from the children in no time and then be tucked discretely behind the kitchen door.

This broom can be yours (not really, it is only imaginary), if The Price Is Right!

How much do you think a broom cost at McDermott’s General Store in 1885?

Add a comment or reply to this post with your guess.  Or if you want your bid to remain private, email me at:

The bidder who comes closest to the 1885 price, without going over, will win five extra entries in the September drawing.

The August drawing winner will be announced on Friday.

So…what do you think?


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