Odds and Ends

I would like to share some feedback I have received on a couple of recent posts:

First Communion Photo

Jackie Byrne Doherty and Alice Molony Bird have been pondering the 1929 First Communion photo I posted on October 20th.  They have identified Alice’s father, Leo Molony, as the altar boy holding the cross, and they believe the other altar boy to be Leo Cameron.

Jackie and Alice don’t think this photo is of the 1929 First Communion, because they are unable to locate Kathryn Molony (name misspelled on Church listing) – they have a photo of Kit’s First Communion, so they know who they are looking for!

Please take another look at the photo (click on it to enlarge) and let me know if you recognize any of the children…maybe we can get the correct date.  I was wondering if this could this be a Confirmation group? That would make a bit more sense for the number of people in the group, since by the 1920s, the First Communion groups were becoming rather small.  In 1928, there were only eight: Donal Regan, Edward Daniel, Rose Reardon, Catherine Perrizo, Dorothy Langan, Anna Mae Mikkelson, Bernice Daniel, and Dorothy Hargreaves.  The next time there was a First Communion at St. Malachy’s was 1931 when 38 children were in the group.  Take a look and see if anyone looks familiar…

McDermott General Store Ledger

Margo Ascheman was doing exactly what I do when I look at the pages from the store ledger – trying to match people up to her family tree.

She was interested in the family of frequent shopper Francis McMahon.  He was my great-great-grandfather who came from County Fermanagh, Ireland in 1856.  He settled initially in the Red Wing, MN area, but married Catherine McAndrew from the Ellsworth, WI area.  There were some McMahons in Wisconsin.  Margo’s great-grandfather McGeary married Bridget McMaha(o)n in Monchas, Wisconsin.  Not sure if that is near Ellsworth…need to do a bit more digging on that…

Does anyone have any information on the Galvin family?  Margo, where did Maurice and his wife live?

Now for something new…

I was looking through some obituary clippings I had received from Marlys at the Swift County Historical Society, and I found this tidbit (sorry it is crooked):

Swift County News May 18, 1922

Maybe Margo can tell us how this McGeary is related to her?  Sad news from the Gossons as well.

No one guessed who bought the broom suspiciously close to Halloween in 1883.  You still have time to compile some entries in the September/October drawing.  Every comment is an entry in a drawing for an official Clontarf Prairie Pub T-Shirt!  There will be two winners announced early next week…

Happy Halloween everyone!  Oh, if you have any memories from Halloween in Clontarf, share them!  I bet you guys had  some tricks up your sleeves…


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6 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. Margo McGeary Ascheman


    Thank you for the reply…. lst about the MAURICE Elward Galvin B Dec 13,l872 in Chicago I.. Parents were Timothy Galvin and Catherine _________ Galvin . I not have a last name for Catherine..

    I not see who the other Galvin name was == a brother to Maurice…

    Also the Michael Shea (by Tom) Monday Octg 4 2010 page . Name What tie to Tara twp does this Shea have as we have McGeary in Wisc married to a Shea person.

    James Edward McGeary B l817?? Ireland married Bridget Margaret McMahon April 4 Monches Wisc Bridget McMahon came to USA in l866 James McGeary came to USA Port of New York June l848. Many years differents in James and Bridget… HugThey were married at St. John’s Catholic Church in Monches.

    Catherine McGeary was married to Mathew Shea???

    This Galvin family lived in Swift Co. 1906 thru about 1913 ////?? and then moved to St. Paul, lst birth in St. Paul was Feb 20 1919.. Died Dec 29, 1980

    I not know where this Galvin family lived in Tara ??

    Thank you Margo McGeary Ascheman

  2. Margo McGeary Ascheman

    I just looked up for Pat and Mary McGeary == Their young daughter Anne Elizabeth McGeary born 10–14–1921 baby Died July 6, 1922 cause of death Menangitis Baptized Nov 9, 1921 by Fr Hurst buried at Visitation Catholic Church in Danvers, MN

    Thank you Margo

  3. Margo McGeary Ascheman

    Can you tell me where did this Galvin family live in Tara==Marysland twp before they moved to St. Paul… Where did the Timothy Galvin family live in Tara… Maurice Galvin wife was born in Dakota Co. Mn


  4. Anne Schirmer

    For many years, the Clontarf Haymakers 4-H club hosted a Halloween Party for the community.
    Lots of fun for the members preparing a Haunted House in the area behind the stage at the Parish Hall, and also decorating, and setting up games, and (weather permitting) a scavenger hunt! Katie Boutain Reardon was an Adult Leader while her children were in 4-H in the 70s & 80s, as did her mother Gladys Swanson Boutain when all her 7 children were in 4-H in the 50s & 60s. We learn from our parents!

  5. Anne Schirmer

    A local gentleman, roughly 60 but I will withhold his name since I didn’t get his permission to log this in, was in Hutchinson earlier this year, standing in line dicussing events with a friend, when the older fellow in front of him turned around and asked, basically, “where are you from?” “Oh, just a little town north & west from here. You’ve probably never heard of it. Clontarf, Minnesota.” He responded “Yeah, I’ve heard of it. I had a friend from there. Winifred Fiala. Did you know her?” “No. But I’ll ask my mom when I get back.” And her did, and she had all the info on Winifred Fiala, the daughter of Belle (Perrizo) Fiala. Just mention CLONTARF where ever you go and you’ll learn something just about every time!

  6. Anne Schirmer

    I was working a booth at the Swift County Fair in Appleton, MN, about 1980 and I wondered over to another booth to ask about his business, and when he asked me where I was from, I responded “Clontarf”, and he immediately asked “Do you know Cecelia Berry?” I did! “But we know her affectionately as Cis Mikkelson. He said she had been his teacher in his last year of country school and it was her first year of teaching. I never asked his name. Evidently he remembered that her next job was at Clontarf, or that she had at least moved to Clontarf. I should ask her daughter Patty… or mayber her son Mike.

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