School Picture and Altar Boys

It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t received much input on the Clontarf class photo I posted (see post here.)

Here’s the photo again:

Clontarf Class Photo

Tressa Burns (whose grandparents Charles and Phoebe Chevalier lived in Clontarf) had a few identification ideas:

  • Back row – boy on the left with hair parted down the middle – Phious Chevalier
  • Back row – girl on right with curly hair – Dela Fredrickson
  • Middle row – girl in dark dress, left of center – Louise Chevalier; boy to her left – “Red” Regan
  • Front row – seated in the middle in white shirt – Raymond Burns

Several years ago, my mother and I identified several of the students with the help of some former Clontarf residents.  Here’s what they told us:

  • Back row – starting fourth from left, light-haired girl Marie Fredrick, Susanna Olson, Agnes Fennell (taller), Loretta Foley, Marie Boutain, unknown with face turned, Alice Chamberlain
  • Middle row – fourth from right, dark dress is Florence Johnson, to the right is Emeline Mikkelson
  • Front row – seated, third from left is Thomas McCarthy, fourth from left is a Chevalier or a Fennell, sixth from the left is Herman Fredrickson?

Nothing really matches up with the two attempts at identifying these students, but the only conflict is the boy Tressa said was her cousin Raymond Burns and our informants said could be a Chevalier or a Fennell.  But that is kind of close, anyway!  Tressa identified my grandfather “Red” Regan, and I don’t see him, but it is neat that she thought of him! JoAnn – does your mother have any memories of John “Red” Regan, or maybe even of his mother?  They lived right in Clontarf.

Take a look at the photo again and see if these identification suggestions jog your memory a bit.  If you need clarification, please leave a comment and I will do my best.

Another photo to ponder…

1920 St. Malachy Altar Boys

If the date is correct, that would be Father Kenny, and it looks like him.  I have some of the boys identified, but I would like to hear what you think.  I will share who I have identified in a couple of days.


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5 responses to “School Picture and Altar Boys

  1. Margo McGeary Ascheman

    I have got these pictures back from Helen Olson Hughes and she has added more names to them… Please send me a address to send to as I not able to forward on computer… Thank you. Margo Ascheman

    How do I find out who this Mrs Jim McGeary is and what family they are related to…. Pat McGeary from Danvers area.???/ Margo

  2. Anne Schirmer

    Clarence Hargreaves just passed away a year ago. He had married Dorothy Macklin. They moved to the cities to raise the 4-5 kids, then moved back to this area to retire. Dorothy’s sister, Doris, married Herman Goulet.
    Doris just passed away in 2010. Dorothy lives in Benson now. I’ll see if I can get this photo to her for verification. I think Doris told me that they were married in a double ceremony in Clontarf, in January of like 1946.
    One of Doris’s 2 daughters lives in Benson, too, as do the sons, all but one.

  3. Anne Schirmer

    On another copy of this photo of mass servers w/ Fr. Kenny, the mass servers are ALL identified. Top row: Clarence Regan, Walter Chevalier, Howard Regan, & Robert Riordan. Middle Row: Louis Chevalier, & Leonard Hargreaves. Bottom Row: Jerry Flynn, Fred Chevalier, & Richard McMahon.

  4. Anne Schirmer

    I believe Alma Chamberlain (daughter of Jeremiah “Jerry” Chamberlain married to Rose Daniel) married Charlie Flynn and are the parents of Jerry Flynn. Clarence & Howard are brothers (son of Patrick & Julia Duggan Regan). Walter & Fred are sons of Charley & Phoebe/Febianna LaDuc Chevalier. O

  5. Anne Schirmer

    OOPS! Please correct…Louis FENNELL, not Chevalier.. He was known locally as Buster Fennell, never married. no children. Walter Chevalier was known locally as Frenchie Chevalier…I don’t believe he ever married or had children either…

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