Altar Boys Identified and Shopping in Clontarf

Altar Boys

No one had anything to say about the altar boy photo from last time, so here it is again, this time with most of the boys identified…

St. Malachy Altar Boys 1920

Father Patrick Kenney at very back

Back row: Melvin Klucas, unknown, Howard Regan, Robert Reardon (between two rows)

Middle row: Lewis Fennell, Clarence Hargreaves

Front row: ? Flynn, Donald Reynolds, Richard McMahon

We are only missing the identity of the boy second from the left in the back row, and the first name of the Flynn boy in the front.  Any ideas?

From what I have heard, Father Kenney was a popular priest in Clontarf.  Any stories about him?  Please share by leaving a comment/reply.

McDermott General Store: November 1883

Just have a couple of pages from the November 1883 store ledger.  Let’s see what who was shopping…

November 5th

  • Priest Safleur: $2.15 for coffee, tea, sugar, and two stove pipes (.40)
  • John Gallagher: stocked up on some staples, including tea, coffee, matches, soap, nails, tobacco and then came back a bit later for 5 yards of denim (.60) and 4 skein of yarn (.48)
  • John Regan:  sold Mr. McDermott $4.05 worth of butter and received cash back
  • Mrs. James McGeary: lantern globe (.20), 2 yards blue denim (.40), 2 yards shirting (.28), 3 yards sheeting (.27), and thread (.05)
  • James Kent: sugar (1.00) and can of tea (.65)
  • William Duggan: 8 yards sheeting (.80), 3-1/2 yards flannel (.63), thread (.05), pins (.05), and elastic (.05)

November 8th

  • Mrs. John Casey: sugar (.50), 2# currants (.20), matches (.10), salt (.10), and nails (.10)
  • Industrial School: 4 dozen eggs (.80)
  • John Regan: sugar (1.00), kerosene oil (.30), Japanese tea (.45), 5# nails (.25), 4# prunes (.40)
  • John Regan, put on James Kent’s account: 2# nails (.10)

McDermott paid out about 12-1/2 cents per dozen eggs (see earlier post) and it looks like he charged the folks at the Industrial School 20-cents per dozen.

A fair amount of sewing would be done by Mrs. McGeary and Mrs. Duggan.  I didn’t realize elastic had been invented by 1883.  What do you suppose Mrs. Duggan was making with all that sheeting?

Anything stand out to you about these purchases?


I will get back to the family histories in upcoming posts.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for information you would like featured on the blog.


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6 responses to “Altar Boys Identified and Shopping in Clontarf

  1. Margo McGeary Ascheman

    I need some help….. I have this picture and Helen Olson Hughes has added some more clues to it and now I not able to send to some one to up date this ;picture and also the Class photo of older kidss. This picture is about 1928 and Helen added more names… I not able to use Aine’s email address… I not know why but wonts send off. Contact me in Benson. We are leaving for Az in a couple weeks…. Margo

  2. Anne Schirmer

    Recently I have found another copy of the photo of Rev. Casey w/alter servers WITH NAMES: Back Row: Clarence Regan, Walter Chevalier, Howard Regan, & Robert Riordan. Middle Row: Louis Fennell & Leonard Hargreaves. Front Row: Jerry Flynn, Fred Chevalier, Richard McMahon.
    (Clarence & Howard are brothers, Walter “Frenchie” & Fred are brothers, Jerry mother was a Chamberlain)

    • Keith

      Anne, do you have the first name of Rev Casey? Just wondering if he was a relative of the Casey Families in Clontarf, John, Frank. Thanks. Keith

  3. Anne Schirmer

    Louis “Buster” Fennell and Leonard Hargreaves were cousins since Buster’s dad was Thomas Fennell (married to Catherine Curtis) and Leonard’s mom was Rose Fennell married to Leland “Lee” Hargreaves.
    Thomas & Rose both children of Francis (Sr.) Fennell (married Armeline Goulet).

  4. Anne Schirmer

    The only other son of Francis (Sr.) and Armeline Fennell is Francis (Jr.) aka Frank. He married Julia LaDuc. Julia’s sister, Febianna, married Chas. “Charley” Chevalier. Two of their children were Walter “Frenchie” and Fred. (Julia & Febianna had a double wedding in Clontarf in 1894. They were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries together.)

  5. Anne Schirmer

    Several deaths have occurred of men that were mass servers in their youth at St. Malachy’s in Clontarf: Billy Boutain (Jr.), Mark Amlin, and Leonard Mills, Jr. May their souls rest in peace. Leonard’s sister Jean (married Jerome Motzko) passed away in Jan. 2013. God rest her soul. Blessed be their memory.

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