Chevalier Family, Part I

First things first…in the next several days I will address the comments and emails that have come in over the past week or so.  Thank you so much for reading the blog and participating! 


Recently there has been a lot of interest on the Chevalier family.  I thought this would be a good time to post a family history of one of the branches of the Chevalier family tree.  This appeared in the 1978 Clontarf Anniversary booklet.

Joseph Chevalier Family History

Great Grandfather of Vernon and Richard Chevalier

The Joseph Chevaliers originated in the Quebec Province of Canada and joined the oxen-drawn covered wagon train leaving Montreal for the United States.  The Joseph-Odeil Chevaliers had three children: Joseph, Nazareth (grandfather of Vernon and Richard), and Israel.

The covered wagon train came through Stillwater, Minneapolis, and then the Chevaliers homesteaded in Pope County, Minnesota – the community of Clonarf.

In 1898 Joseph asked his eldest son Joseph II to come with his family from Bathgate, North Dakota, to take over the farm.  Joseph had eight children at the time, and was to have six more children in Pope County.  That same year Joseph and Odeil Chevalier moved into Clontarf and lived across the street from St. Malachy Church.  Joseph died in 1904 and his wife in 1910.

Nazareth Chevalier, the second son of Joseph and Odeil, married Cecilia DeMars in 1877 while living in Clontarf.  They had seven children: Hedwidge (Charles Perrault), Sylvia (Oliver Goulet), Louis (Ervilla Goulet), Ida (Thomas Houde), Leah (Fred Martin), Richard, and Cleddy (Evelyn Reardon).

Louis Chevalier married Ervilla Goulet in 1917 and they had five children: Richard (Genevieve Bouta), Gordon (Mary Butler), Arlene (Herb Bly), Vernon (Donna Ascheman), and Ardella (James Geyer).

Richard and Genevieve married in 1946 and had three children: Carol married Dale Emmert (Brian, Paul, Angie Marie), Colleen married James Ninneman (Carrie), and Marilyn married Dan Thole (Melissa).

Arlene married Herb Bly in 1974 and they live in Pope County where Herb is a county commissioner and farms.

Vernon married Donna Ascheman in1960 and they have three children: Dennis, David, and Jo Ann Marie.

Vernon, Richard, Arlene, and their families attend St. Malachy Church, Clontarf.

This is just one branch of the Chevalier family  who made Clontarf and the Clontarf area home.

Remember Louie’s Rascals?  I know I have seen pictures of the group.  Maybe someone can send me one?


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  1. Thomas Chevalier

    Thank you for starting this blog.
    Joseph Chevalier and Phoebe LeDuc were my great-grandparents. Veila Chevalier was my grandfather. Charles Chevalier is my father. A few years ago, I asked my dad about Joseph Chevalier and he said that he was a bartender there and I think, at one point, the sheriff. I was wondering if you could verify that. Also, he said their house was right next to the railroad tracks and that Joseph was very tall.

    I paid a visit to Clontarf cemetery back in ’09 to see their gravestone. It was nice to see that they both lived to their 80’s. Nice to have some longevity in my background!

    Another question that’s off topic. I had a beer or two at the Prairie Pub and was chatting with the bartender. He said that some old-timers there claimed that Kentucky blue grass originally came from near Clontarf. Is that true, or at least a true lie? 😉

    Regards, Tom

    • Hi Tom – Thanks for your comments! I forwarded them on to a Chevalier expert in the area…we will see what she has to say! And indeed, back in the 1910s and 1920s, Clontarf was known as the “Hay Capital of the World”, and hay was big business in the area. Hay from Clontarf went to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and even as far as Chicago for the horses at the fire department. I don’t know the details, but I also heard that Kentucky blue grass came from Clontarf. I need to do a post about hay in Clontarf – thanks for reminding me! Check back for more information on the Chevaliers…


  2. Donna Chevalier

    Charles J. “Charlie” Chevalier
    Words and names were written as they were found. He was always known as “Charlie”. Joseph could have been his middle name.
    “Charlie” was very tall. Their house in Clontarf was very close to the railroad tracks. It had been located between the tracks and the machine shop that now stands and is owned by Tom Razink.

    Individual biographical text for Charles J. “Charlie” Chevalier #7897

    Charlie and Pheba were from Clontarf, MN. They came to Hoff Township, Pope Co., in 1879. Charles & Febanna lived in Hoff Township until 1913 when they moved to Clontarf.

    Birth date as: 28 Dec 1866.
    Birth date as: 28 Dec 1867.

    He was born at Joliette, Canada, about 30 miles from Montreal.

    Charles immigrated from Canada in 1874.

    Marriage record – church Charles Chevalier married Fabiana (Phoebe) LeDuc at St. Malachy Church on October 8, 1894. Witnesses were Arthur LeDuc and Mary Goulet. Father Oster – priest.

    Marriage record – courthouse Book D, Page 145, Line 732 Charles Chevalier of Pope Co., Pheba Leduc of Pope Co., married on 8 October 1894 at Clontarf. Witnesses – Arthur LeDuc and Mary Goulet.

    Charles was a retired farmer, citizen of the U.S.A.

    Charles was a farmer, laborer and served as the Clontarf Constable.

    1880 U.S. Census, MN, Pope, Hoff: Shevley (Chevalier) Charles, white, male, age 12, servant. b. Canada. Charles was a servant, age 12, working for a family by the name of Labeau. (Spelled Sabo on the census. Very poor spelling on that census.)

    1885 MN Terr. & State Census, Pope, Hoff: Chevalier: Madore, 46, male, b. Can. Ordiet, (Henriette), 45, female, b. Can. Charley, 17, male, b. Can. Archen ?? 15, male, b. Can. (Must be Harrison? b. ca 1870). Delima, 11, female, b. Can. Darde, 8, male, b. Can. (Adlore-Adelaire, b. ca 1877).

    1900 U.S. Census, MN, Pope, Hoff, Dist 252: Chavlier (Chevalier), Charles, head, Dec 1866, 33, marr 6 y;., b. Can. Imm: 1874, 26 y. in U.S., Naturalized, Occ: Farmer. Febiana, wife, June 1873, 26, mother of 3 – 3 living. b. Can. Imm: 1878, 22 years in U.S. Evelena, dau, Sept 1895, age 4, b. MN. Mary, dau, May 1897, age 3, b. MN. Ezelda, dau, May 1889, age 1, b. MN.

    1905 MN Territorial & State Census, Pope, Hoff: Chevalier: Charles was listed on the page before but most was blacked out. Febe, 31, b. Can. 27 y., 6 mo., in state. 27 y. 6m. in dist. Dilima, female, 9, b. MN. Mary, female, 8, b. MN. Excelda, female, 7, b. MN. (Zelda) Filias, male, 4, b. MN. Luie, male, 1, b. MN. Willm, male, 1/12, b. MN.

    1910 U.S. Census, Minn, Pope, Hoff, Dist 100: Chevalier, Charley, head, 38, marr 15 y., Imm: 1879. b. Can. Occ: farmer – general farm. Phoebe, wife, 35, b. Can. Aveline, dau, 14, b. MN. Mary, dau, 10, b. MN. Eycker? (Zelda), dau, 10, b. MN. Philios, son, 9, b. MN. Louise, dau, 6, b. MN. Vila, son, 4, b. MN. Walter, son, 3, b. MN. Adline, dau, 10/12, b. MN.

    1920 U.S. Census, MN, Swift, Clontarf: Chevalier: Charles, head, 50, Imm: 1879, nat. b. Can. Occ: draying. Phebe G. wife, 44, b. Can. Parents b. Can. Charles J., son, 18, b. Can. Occ: none. Louise M., dau, 16, b. MN. Velia J., son, 14, b. MN. Walter J., son, 12, b. MN. Adeline M., dau, 10, b. MN. Fredric J., son, 9, b. MN. Aldia M., dau, 7, b. MN. Lawrence J., son, 4/12, b. MN.

    1930 U.S. Census, MN, Swift, Clontarf, Dist8: Chevalier: Charley, head, owns, 61, marr at 25 y., b. Can. Parents b. Can. Imm: 1889, naturalized. Occ: Laborer – odd jobs. Phebe, wife, 55, marr at 20 y., b. Can. Par. b. Can. Imm: 1879, nat. Vela, son, 24, single, b. MN. Occ: Laborer – general farm. Walter, son, 23, single, b. MN. Occ: Laborer – general farm. Adeline, dau, 20, single, b. MN. Occ: Servant – private family. Frederick J., son, 19, single, b. MN. Occ: none. Adlia, dau, 17, single, b. MN. Occ: none. Lawrence, son, 13, single, b. MN. Eve, Perticia (Patricia) L., grand-daughter, 11/12, b. MN. (Adeline’s daughter.

    Newspaper item: Double Golden Wedding Celebration:
    There is a picture of both couples on this anniversary.
    Nearly 400 friends and relatives greeted Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chevalier and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fennell of Clontarf at a double wedding golden anniversary celebration in the Clontarf town hall Sunday afternoon and evening October 8, (1944). The two pioneer couples were married in a double wedding ceremony at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church by Fr. Oster on Oct. 8, 1894. Mrs. Chevalier and Mrs. Fennell are sisters.
    Mrs. Chevalier, nee Febanna LeDuc, was born in Montreal, Canada, on June 15, 1974, and is 70 years old now, while Mrs. Fennell, nee Julia LeDuc, was born in Tenam, Mass., on Oct. 3, 1876, and homesteaded in Hoff Twp. where the two sisters grew to womanhood.
    Mr. Chevalier was born in Joliet, Canada, 30 miles from Montreal, on December 28, 1867, and is 76 years old now. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Midour Chevalier, arrived in Benson with their family one day in 1879 and then homesteaded in Hoff Twp. Following their marriage in 1894 Mr. and Mrs. Chevalier continued to live in Hoff Twp. until 1913 when they moved to Clontarf to make their home.
    Mr. Fennall was born near Glencoe (MN) in McLeod County on June 16, 1873, and is 71 years old now. His parents, Frank (Sr.) and Emeline Fennell, moved to a farm near Hancock when he was years old and he remained on that farm with his father until his marriage. Following their marriage in 1894, Mr. and Mrs. Fennell lived in Hoff Twp. three years. They moved to Clontarf Twp. in 1897 and farmed there until Feb. 1944 when they moved into Clontarf village to make their home.
    Mr. and Mrs. Chevalier have eleven children, twenty-four grandchildren, and four great grandchildren, while Mr. and Mrs. Fennell have nine surviving children and twenty-two grandchildren. All the children of both couples were home for the double golden wedding anniversary celebration.
    Children of Mr. and Mrs. Chevalier are Mrs. Bennie (Alvina) Burns of Clontarf Twp., Mrs. Leon (Mary) Chamberlain of Hoff, Mrs. James (Zelda) Reynolds of Clontarf, Philias Chevalier of Stevens Point, Wisc., Mrs. Elmer (Louise) Anderson and Vilia Chevalier of Cogswell, ND, Walter Chevalier at home, Mrs. John (Adeline) Hanrahan (?) of Morris, Frederick Chevalier of Clontarf, Miss Al—Chevalier of Morris and Lawrence Chevalier at home.
    Living children of Mr. and Mrs. Fennell are Napoleon J. Fennell of Benson, Thomas J. Fennell of Tara Twp., Velia J. Fennell of Sauk Center, Francis J. Fennell of Billings, MT, Mrs. Philip (Virginia) Carney of Portland, OR, Mrs. Joe (Victoria) Kilaer of Helena, MT, Arthur Fennell of DeGraff, Ambrose Fennell of Seattle, WA, and Frederick J. Fennell of this city. One son, Warrant Officer Bernard J. Fennell, was killed in France on August 17, 1944, and two daughters and four sons died in infancy.
    Present at the double wedding anniversary celebration were the wedding attendants: Mr. & Mrs. Arthur LeDuc of Milwaukee, who attended Mr. & Mrs. Chevalier at the double wedding and Mr. & Mrs. J. Houde of Benson who attended Mr. & Mrs. Fennell.

    Charles “Charley” died of arteriosclerotic heart disease and sinility at 3:30 a.m.

    Obituary “Swift County News,” Benson, MN, Nov 8, 1955
    Chevalier Rites Set for Thursday
    Charles Chevalier 88, long time resident of Clontarf, died early Mon (yesterday) morning at the Erickson Rest Home in Hancock.
    Mr. Chevalier is survived by his wife, six daughters, Mrs. Ben (Elvina) Burns of Benson, Mrs. Mary Chamberlain & Mrs. Zelda Reynolds of Clontarf, Mrs. Harry (Louise) Smith of Foreman, N.D., Mrs. Adeline Hanlon of Morris and Mrs. Donald (Aldea) Mixell of Portland, Ore; 5 sons, Philious of Stevens Point, Wis., Veila of Foreman, N.D., Walter of Clontarf, Fred of Benson and Lawrence of Minneapolis and one brother in Duluth.
    Funeral services will be held at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church in Clontarf at 9 a.m. Thursday, Rev. R. G. King officiating.

    Obituary “Swift County News”, Benson, MN, Nov 15, 1955, Pg 9.
    Charles Chevalier Rites Thursday at Clontarf.
    Funeral services for Charles Chevalier, 87, a resident of this area for 76 years, were held at 9 a.m. Thursday Nov. 10, at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church of Clontarf, Rev. R. G. King officiating.
    Mr. Chevalier died at the Erickson Rest Home in Hancock at 3:30 a.m. Nov. 7.
    Pallbearers were Philious Chevalier, Veila Chevalier, Walter Chevalier, Frederick Chevalier & Lawrence Chevalier, all sons; and Patrick Reynolds, a grandson. Interment was in the church cemetery.
    Mr. Chevalier was born in Joliet, Canada, Dec 28, 1876, and moved to Hoff Twsp, Pope Co, in 1879. He was united in marriage to Fabanna LeDuc Oct 8, 1894 at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church in Clontarf, Fr. Oster officiating. He moved to Clontarf in 1913.
    He was a farmer and laborer, a member of St. Malachy’s church and served as Clontarf constable.
    Mr. Chevalier is survived by his wife; 6 daughters, Mrs. Ben (Elvina) Burns of Benson, Mrs. Mary Chamberlain, Mrs. Zelda Reynolds of Clontarf, Mrs. Harry (Louise) Smith of Foreman, N.D., Mrs. Adeline Hanlon of Morris and Mrs. Donald (Aldea) Mixell of Portland, Ore; 5 sons; Philious of Stevens Point, Wis., Veila of Foreman, N.D., Walter of Clontarf, Fred of Benson & Lawrence of Minneapolis; 1 bro, Arison Chevalier of Chicago, Ill., 23 grandchildren, and 32 great grand children.

    Church Burial record: St. Malachy Catholic Church, Clontarf, MN.: Charles Chevalier – died Nov 7, 1955 – aetatis 88 yrs. exloco Clontarf sepultus est Nov., 1955. St. Malachy Cemetery – died at Rest Home, Hancock, MN, Richard King.

    Minn Death Certificate Index: Charles Chevalier, b. 12/28/1866 Out of State. d. 11/07/1955 Stevens County, MN. Certificate #1955-MN-016648.

    Individual biographical text for Fabiana Georginna “Pheba” LeDuc #7898

    Her given name found as: Phebeana, Phoebe, Fabiana and Febanna.

    Phebe immigrated from Canada in 1878. In the 1880 U.S. Census, MN, Pope Co., Hoff Twsp., she is listed as Febena Lede.

    Family History: “Clontarf, a Commemorative History – St. Malachy Parish 1878-1978 and community of Clontarf” printed for the Clontarf Centennial 1878 – 1978, by th community and the Parish of St. Malachy:
    LeDuc, Francis
    Francis Le Duc and his wife, Josephine Desautels, homesteaded in Hoff Township, Pope County, in 1878. One of their children, Julia, married Frank Fennell Jr. in 1894. Also marrying in that double wedding was Fabiana Le Duc (Julia’s sister) who married Charles Chevalier. Charles and Fabiana were the parents of Zelda Reynolds, Mary Chamberlain, and Walter Chevalier. In 1944, on the golden Wedding Anniversary of the double wedding, the four principals as well as the four attendants were all alive for the observance.
    Zelda Chevalier married James Reynolds (deceased) and they had six children – Lawrence, Patrick who lives in Clontarf, Donald, Charles and two girls – Vickie and Mary.

    Death Notice “Swift County Monitor”, Benson, MN, Feb 22, 1957. Mrs. C. Chevalier Dies Thursday:
    Mrs. Charles Chevalier, 83, a resident of this area for nearly 80 years, died at the Rest Haven rest home in Morris Thursday (yesterday) afternoon.
    Mrs. Chevalier is survived by six daughters, five sons, two sisters, and a brother.
    Funeral arrangements were not complete at the time The Monitor went to press.

    Death News: “Swift County Monitor” Benson, MN, Clontarf News Column, March 1, 1957, Friday: Weekend visitors at the Zelda Reynolds home were Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Chevalier of Minneapolis, Mrs. Adeline Hanlon of Morris, Mrs. Thelma Reynolds of Holloway, Charles Reynolds and son, James, of Fargo; Mr. and Mrs. Pellous Chevalier and son, Phil, of Wisconsin; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goulet of Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Velia Chevalier and son of Forman, N. D,; Mrs. Harry Smith of Cogswell, N. D.; Israel LeDuc of Willmar, and Mrs. William Fuechinberger, Judy and Billy, of Hoffman . While here they attended the funeral Monday of their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Charles Chevalier.

    Phebe died of myocardial infraction & senility at 3:30 p.m.

    Minn Death Certificate Index: Mrs. Charles (Phebe) Chevalier, b. 6/15/1874 Out of State. Mother’s maiden name: Dezotell. d. 2/21/1957 Stevens County, MN. Certificate #1957-MN-018176.

    Memorial Card: In memory of Mrs. Charles Chevalier, born April 15, 1874. Entered into rest on February 21 1957, age 62 years, 6 month, 6 days. Services on Monday, Feb. 25, 1957 at 9:30 a.m. at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church, Clontarf, Minn. Officiating: Fr. Richard King. Pallbearers: Philious Chevalier, Veila Chevalier, Walter Chevalier, Freddie Chevalier, Lawrence Chevalier, Patrick Reynolds. Interment in St. Malachy’s Church Cemetery. Arrangements by Forbord Funeral Home, Benson, Minn.

  3. Anne Schirmer

    Veila Chevalier married Opheilia Weber (of Clontarf) and moved to Sauk Center and opened a nightclub “Joe’s”. His middle name was Joseph.
    It was easier to call it Joe’s. Opheilia called herself Phyllis.
    So they were Joe & Phyllis in Sauk Center. or was is Sauk Rapids. ?

    • Jeanne Fennell

      I have just found this site and think it’s great! I would like to clear up the confusion over Veila Chevalier (above) and Veila Joseph Fennell, son of Frank Napoleon Fennell and Julia Leduc. It was Veila Fennell who married Phelia Weber. They did not want to be called Veila and Phelia so they were known as Joe and Phyllis. They had a nightclub in Sauk Center, Minnesota.

      Thanks, Jeanne

  4. Thomas Chevalier

    Actually it was Charles who was my great-grandfather. For some reason, I thought his name was Joseph. My sister has done a little research on the internet and was able to trace the Chevalier family back to 1640 Pont L’Abbe Arnoult, Saintes, Saintonge, France. The Le Ducs originated in Louvetot, Normandie, France.

    Thanks for the extra info. I told my dad about this site and he has paid it a visit as well. Keep up the good work.

  5. can you tell me anything about leah chevaliaer? Her daughter is requesting her mothers family history. She was married to earnest daniel. thank you.

    • Donna Chevalier

      What I have on Leah Chevalier & Ernest “Cush” Daniel:
      Birth: 26 Oct 1888 Hoff Township, Pope Co., MN.
      Death: 16 Sep 1989 Swift Co. Benson Hosp. Benson, MN.
      Burial: 19 Wep 1989, St. Malachy Cath. Cem., Clontarf, MN.
      Marriage: 10 Feb 1909 St. Malachy Cath. Church, Clontarf, MN.
      Father: Joseph Chevalier.
      Mother: Delia Carter.
      Note: Birth place difference:
      born: Pope Co., MN (Glenwood courthouse birth records)
      born: Out of State (Minnesota Death Certificate Index)
      born: Bathgate, ND (obituary, put in by her family)
      born: Bathgate, ND (100th birthday article, put in by her family)
      born: MN ( 1900 Minnesota, Hoff Twsp., Pope County census)
      born: MN (1905 Minnesota, Hoff Twsp., Pope County census)

      Birth record – Glenwood courthouse: Chevalier, Leiah Anatolia Georgiana, born 26 Oct 1888 to Joseph Chevalier of Canada, 40 years of age, & Dielia of Mass, 22 years of age. Joseph & Delia (Carter) Chevalier were living at Bathgate, Pembina, ND and they must have come down to visit his parents and Leah was born while in Hoff Twsp, Pope Co. MN. Her birth record is in the Pope County courthouse but I did not find a baptism record for her at the St. Malachy Catholic Church at Clontarf, MN for her. Perhaps she was baptized when she got back to Bathgate?

      Note: Leah & Ernest Daniel celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on 14, June 1959.

      Newspaper article: “Swift County Monitor-News” Benson, MN, Oct 26, 1988, Pg 2 – Daniels celebrates 100th birthday. (inc 2 photos)
      Leah Daniels, a resident of the Benson area most of her life and currently living in the Meadow Lane Healthcare Center, is celebrating her 100-year birthday Wednesday (today).
      Her family and friends are having an open house at the Healthcare Center, Sunday, Oct. 30 from 2-4 p.m. in celebration of the century of life.
      Daniels, who doesn’t get around much without the aid of the staff at the Madow Lane Healthcare Center, is the mother of eight living children.
      Daniels’ grandparents homesteaded in Clontarf from Canada in an oxen-drawn wagon train. Her parents, Joseph II and Delica Chevalier, settled in Bathgate, N.D., where Leah was born. She had 11 brothers and two sisters.
      Before her marriage to Ernest Daniels in Clontarf, Feb. 10, 1909, Leah worked at the Paris Hotel in Benson, which was owned by her uncle, I. J. Chevalier.
      After the marriage, the couple moved to Cohasset, where their first child was born. Then they moved back to Clontarf and farmed three miles northeast of Clontarf.
      Leah helped out with the farm chores, when necessary, including tending a large garden, raising chickens, decorating her home, sewing for her family, churning her own butter, and a lot of canning.
      Her mother died April 18, 1909, and being the oldest daughter, Leah took on the responsibiity of helping raise her younger brothers and sisters, including taking her infant brother into her own home until her sisters were old enough to take care of him.
      Leah has been living at the Meadow Lane Healthcare Center since Dec., 1983.
      Again, Leah’s family and friends will be having an open house 100-year birthday party for Leah, Sunday, Oct. 30 from 2-4 p.m.

      Social Security Death Index: Leah Daniel. b. 26 Oct 1888. d. 16 Sep 1989. Last residence: Benson, Swift Co., MN 56215. Soc. Sec. #470-76-6327. Issued in MN.

      Minn Death Cert. Index: Leah Anastasia Daniel. b. 10/26/1888 Out of State. Mother’s maiden name: Carter. d. 9/16/1989 Swift Co. Cert #1989-MN-024567.

      Memorial Card: In memory of Leah A. Daniel, born October 26, 1888 at Bathgate, North Dakota. Entered into rest on September 16, 1989 at Benson, Minnesota. Mass of Christian Burial at St. Francis Catholic Church of Benson, Minnesota at 11:00 A.M. Tuesday, September 19, 1989. Officiating was Rev. Merle Monnens. Lector was Roma Rassmusson. Organist: Dorothy Coy. Soloist: Annette Stelzig. Casketbearers: Tom Melcher, Bill Dease, Rodney Peerboom, Ronald Harkins, Francis Fox, Michael Peerboom. Interment at St. Malachy’s Cemetery, Clontarf, Minnesota. Arrangements with The Jacobson Funeral Home, Benson, Minnesota.

      Obituary: “Swift County Monitor” Benson, MN 9/27/1989
      Leah A. Daniel
      Funeral services for Leah Anastasia Daniel, 100, were at 11 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 19 at the St. Francis Catholic Church with the Rev. Merle Monnens officiating. Lector was Roma Rassmusson, organist was Leona Grosse and soloist was Annette Stelzig.
      Mrs. Daniel died Sept. 16.
      Pallbearers were Tom Melcher, Ronald Harkins, Bill Dease, Francis Fox, Rodney Peerboom and Gary Chevalier. Burial took place in the St. Malachy’s Church Cemetery.
      Mrs. Daniel was born at Bathgate, N.D., Oct. 26, 1888 to Joseph and Odilia (Carter) Chevalier II. She was baptized and confirmed in Bathgate and attended District 47 schools in Pope County.
      She was united in marriage to Ernest Daniel, Feb. 10, 1909 at Cohasset, and she worked as a housewife on the family farm in the Clontarf area.
      She was a member of St. Malachy’s Catholic Church and enjoyed gardening.
      Survivors include: Four sons, Melvin of Minneapolis, Edwin of Brooklyn Center, Leonard of Crystal and Lawrence of Newburry Park, Calif.; four daughters, Pearl Harkins of Burnsville, Isabelle Peerboom of Richfield, Bernice (Mrs. Micky) d’Garmo of El Toro, Calif., and Gloria (Mrs. Mike) Chioles of Northridge, Calif.
      She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, and 11 brothers and sisters.


      Anestose Ernestus “Ernest A.” “Cush” Daniel:
      Birth: 12 Dec 1882, Clontarf, Swift, MN.
      Death: 29 Sep 1966 Swift Co. Benson Hosp., Clontarf, MN.
      Burial: 1 Oct 1966 St. Malachy Catholic Cemetery, Clontarf, MN.
      Father: Eugene A. Daniel.
      Mother: Justine Mary “Christine” Goulet.
      Census: In the 1900 U.S. census, Ernest was counted in Clontarf Township, Swift County, MN (SD 134, ED 269, Sheet 3a), working as a day laborer in Clontarf. In the 1910 U.S. census, he was counted in Cohasset, Itasca County, MN (Sd 8, ED 58, Sheet 6b) working as a laborer in a pail factory in Cohasset, Itasca, MN. In the 1920 U.S. census he was in Clontarf Township, Swift County, MN (SD 7, ED 175, Sheet 2a), as a farmer. In the 1930 U.S. census he was from the Clontarf Township, Swift County. MN (SD 9, ED 76-7, Sheet 3a.) as a farmer. In 1966 Ernest lived at 504 Oregon Ave. in Benson, Swift County, Minnesota.

      1900 U.S. Census, Minnesota, Swift, Clontarf, Dist 269:
      Daniels, Jean, June 1856, 43, marr 16 y., b. Can. Imm: 1863. 36 y. in the U.S., Occ: Haymaker.
      Justine, wife, Mar 1855, 45, marr 16 y. Mother of 7 – 5 living. b. Can. Imm: 1870, 30 y. in U.S.
      Ernest, son, Dec 1882, 17, single, b. MN. Occ: Day laborer.
      Delia, dau. Dec 1885, 14, b. MN, at school
      Eugene, son, Mar 1887, 13, b. MN, at school
      Delma, dau, June 1892, 7, at school
      Edna, dau, Oct 1893, 6, b.MN.

      1910 U.S. Census, Minnesota, Itasca, Cohasset, Dist 58:
      Ernest, head, 26, marr 1 y., b. MN. Parents b. unk, Occ: laborer – pail factory.
      Leah, wife, 21, marr 1 y., b. MN. f.b. unk, m.b. Mass.

      1917 World War I Draft Registration Card:
      Ernest Daniel of Clontarf, Swift, MN, Age 35, born December 12th, ___. White, native born. Occupation: Farmer for self at Clontarf, Swift, MN. Nearest relative: Leah Daniel of Clontarf, Swift, MN.

      1920 U.S. Census, Minnesota, Swift, Clontarf, Dist 178:
      63 Darneal:
      Erenest N. head, owns, 37. marr. b. MN. Occ farming – general farm.
      Georgenia L., wife, 36, marr. b. MN. f.b. Can, m.b. Mass.
      Melvin A., son, 9, b. MN.
      Pearl M., dau, 7, b. MN.
      Isabell H., dau, 5, b. MN.
      Edwin E., son, 4 6/12, b. MN.
      Bernice A., dau, 1 3/12, b. MN.

      1930 U.S. Census, Minnesota, Swift, Clontarf, Dist 7:
      35 40 Daniel:
      Ernest, head, owns 47, marr at 26 y., b. MN. Occ: general farm.
      Leah A., wife, 41, marr at 20 y., b. MN.
      Melvin A., son, 17, single, b. MN. occ: laborer – general farm.
      Pearl M., dau, 17, b. MN.
      Isabell G., dau, 16, b. MN.
      Edwin E., son, 14, b. MN.
      Bernice A., dau, 11, b. MN.
      Leonard D., son, 8, b. MN.
      Lawrence V., son 6, b. MN.
      Gloria C., dau, 3 8/12, b. MN.

      Newspaper item: On August 23, 1996, researched by Donna M. Chevalier fromt he Swift County Historical Society, Benson, MN.
      From: “Swift County Monitor” Benson, MN, March 16, 1945.
      Brothers Meet – While Fighting Iwo Jima Japs, Melvin and Leonard Daniels: Melvin Daniels, Bk 2/c & Cpl. Leonard D. Daniels. –
      Two fighting brothers, Cpl. Leonard D. Daniels of the marines and Melvin Daniels, Bk 2/c, of the navy, have met during the bloody battling on Iwo Jima, according to word received by their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Daniels of Hoff Township, Pope County.
      In a V-mail letter written under date of March 2, Seaman Daniels tells of the meeting. The letter follows: “Just a few lines to let you know that I landed on Iwo Jima O.K. and am getting along pretty well. The first week was pretty rough, as we were under lots of shell fire, but it’s a hell of a lot better now and I believe the worst is over.
      “Leonard is on this island too and I saw him yesterday. Hope to see him again tomorrow. I was sure glad to see him O.K. as I knew where he was before I was him and was worried. The weather is nice, which is a great help as we have nothing to live in and are sleeping in foxholes. Leo says he sleeps in his tank. I was in his tank and I think I am more comfortable in my foxhole.
      In a letter dated February 27, Cpl. Daniels also tells something of Iwo Jima as follows: “Just a line to let you know I’m O.K. Also that I’m on Iwo Jima. It’s a little rough as you maybe have heard over the radio, but I don’t think they can last much longer. It’s almost as cold here as in Minnesota. Quite a change from where we came from.”
      A veteran of the conquest of Guam, Cpl. Daniels is with the Third Marines and has been in the marine corps since November 10, 1942. Melvin enlisted in the navy on July 5, 1943. A third brother, Cpl. Edwin Daniels, veteran of New Guinea and Luzon, is in the Phiippines and a fourth brother, Lt. Lawrence V. Daniels, veteran of 50 bombing missions as bombardier on a B-24 Liberator based in Italy, is now taking pilot training and in his last letter stated that he and his wife were driving to California. He has finished his preflight training in Texas and is now entering his primary school course.

      Social Security Death Index: Ernest Daniel. b. 12 Dec 1882. d. Sep 1966. Last residence: Benson, Swift Co., MN 56215. Soc. Sec. #472-14-6813. Issued in MN.

      Minn Death Cert. Index: Ernest A. Daniel. b. 12/12/1882. Mother’s maiden name: Goulet. d/ 9/29/1966 Swift Co. Cert. #1966-MN-024052.

      Age at death: 83y. 9m. 17d.

      Memorial Card: Forbord Funeral Home, Benson, MN.
      In memory of Ernest N. Daniel, Age: 83 years, 9 months, 17 days. Born: December 12, 1882. Died: September 29, 1966. Mass: St. Francis Catholic Church, Benson, Minnesota on Saturday, Oct. 1, 10:30 a. m. Celebrant of Mass: Father David Roney. Pallbearers: Richard Chevalier, Francis Krattenmaker, Vincent Mikkelson, Raymond Cameron, Wayne Bouta, John Fox. Interment: St. Malachy Catholic Cemetery, Clontarf, Minnesota.

      Melvin Alphonse Daniel, b. 8 Aug 1910, Cohasset, Itasca, MN.
      Pearl Mary Daniel, b. 145 Aug 1912, Clontarf, Swift, MN.
      Isabelle Jeneve Daniel, b. 5 Mar 1914 Clontarf, Swift, MN.
      Edwin Ernest “Eddie” Daniel, b. 15 Nov 1915, Clontarf, Swift, MN.
      Bernice A. Daniel, b. 23 Sep 1943, Clontarf, Swift, MN.
      Leonard Donald Daniel, b. 16 Oct 1921, Benson, Swift, MN.
      Lawrence Vincent “Dan” Daniel, b. 28 Sep 1923 Benson, Swift, MN.
      Gloria Catherine Daniel, b. 22 Jul 1926, Benson, Swift, MN..

  6. Phillip E. Chevalier

    Wow. There is so much wonderful information here on the Chevalier family. My grandfather was Odel C. Chevalier. He was the last child born to Joseph O. and Odelia Chevalier. He lived in Charlestown, MA, just outside of Boston. From what I understand, he was stationed here while in the navy. He met my grandmother, Agnes Marie Lockhart, whose parents had emigrated from Nova Scotia and are Scottish/Irish decent. My father’s name was Joseph Odel Chevalier, he was the second child born of six. Four of these children are alive today and there are numerous children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in the Boston area and one in Ohio.

    We would all love to know more of our family as my grandfather died while I was 12.

  7. Debbie Hoeft

    Will be coming to Clontarf soon looking for information/gravesite of Joseph Basile Labbe’dit Chevalier (Joseph Basile Chevalier 09/24/1799 to 12/01/1882. Information I have states he was buried in St. Malachy’s cemetery – but cannot find any info in find a gravesite on him or his son Joseph Chevalier 1825 to 1904. Any help would be appreciated. I love this website – so much info. Thank you.

    • Phillip Chevalier

      HI Debbie,

      Wow! I was thinking that we are cousins…just trying to figure out how may times removed…I hope you found all the information you were looking for. I hope to visit the Clontarf area one day soon. I am the grandson of Odel C. Chevalier, the last child born to Joseph O. and Odelia. I know my grandfather often spoke of his brother Raymond, and I have located the rest via I have been able to trace the family back to Saintes Santonage, France, the same village that Samuel de Champlain came from. I would love to know so much more as our family seemed to venture so far away from Minnesota, North and South Dakota. My grandfather lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts, across the bay from Boston. He was stationed in the Navy when he met my grandmother and they settled in Charlestown. I know he was an amazing farmer as he planted a huge crop at my parents house and would show us how that was done. He was at home in the country and loved the outdoors. Unfortunately, he got very sick when I was around 8 and died when I was 12. I would love to know anything more about him, his brothers and sisters, his parents, Joseph O. and Odelia, and any other information or pictures that people have. If ever you come across anything, would you please forward me as I will do the same for you.

    • Donna Chevalier

      Basil & Natalie Chevalier:
      Basil and Natalie came to Swift & Pope County, but it is unknown which son they lived with: Medore or Joseph, probably in Hoff Twsp, Pope Co. but attending Catholic church in Clontarf. Later research shows that Basil was living with Medore in the 1880 census. His wife had died about 1 month before this census, so Basil is listed as a widower.

      Basile’s occupation was a farmer.

      Basile & Natalie Chevalier, died in 1880 – 1882. The St. Malachy Cemetery, originally located a quarter of a mile NW of it’s present location, had been moved in 1888. Were they first buried in this NW earliest area? Have found no trace of where they could have been buried, but Basile has church records that say: Buried from St. Malachy’s Church on Dec. 3, 1882. Natalie’s church records say: Received Christian Burial at St. Malachy Church on May 9, 1880. There is a lot that is listed as just “Chevalier” on the cemetery records, but not who is buried in that location. Our parish priest, Fr. John Cooney, very interested in family histories, helped search through the records and the above is what he was able to tell me.

      Death Records in the Pope County Courthouse, Glenwood, MN
      As: Boyell Chevlaier, Dec. 1, 1882, Book A, Page 23, Line 27. Married, age 84, born in Canada, died of heart disease, farmer.

      Parish Records St. Malachy Catholic Church, Clontarf, MN
      Basil Chevalier was buried from St. Malachy’s Church on Dec. 3, 1882 at age 86 years.
      Natalie Chevalier:
      Burial Record St. Malachy Catholic Church, Clontarf, MN
      Natalie Chevalier, age 83, received Christian burial at St. Malachy Church on May 9, 1880.

      Death Record Pope County Courthouse, Glenwood, MN
      Nathtalle Chevalier, May 8, 1880, Book A, Page 19, Line 4. female, white, married, 82 years, died of paralysis, born Montreal, Canada. Name of father: unknown Meyea, born Canada. Name of mother: Nathalle Meyea, born Canada.
      In searching through the St. Malachy Catholic Cemetery, I find the monument for their daughter-in-law, Henriette Chevalier. She was the wife of the son, Medore. Henriette died of blood poisoning, or kidney disease in 1890. There are lot spaces next to her monument, but unknown if Basil & Natalie were moved to this location or not. There seems to be no record on this, even checking with the cemetery records.

  8. Phillip Chevalier

    Hello Donna,
    Thank you so much for all this wonderful information for Joseph Basile and Natalie. It helps me put the many pieces of my family’s puzzle together. I appreciate all that you do.

  9. Monique Chevalier

    Hello all – i found this accidently but i believe Joseph and Phoebe Chevalier were my great grandparents. They had, i believe, five sons and one daughter. My grandfather was Stephen Peter Chevalier and my father was “Sonny” Stephen Peter Chevalier Jr. he had one sister Beverly Chevalier Torpy and they grew up in Ware, Mass. My father passed in 2008. I am the baby of four and we grew up in Southern California. Thank you for the info if you have any???
    Monique Chevalier

  10. Larry Chevalier

    Hi, facinating history lesson. I believe this could be a bunch of my relatives. I have a 6th great grandfather named Basil born either 1799 or 1800. He married Anastasie Migue. Could this be Natalie? Many french settlers changed to more english sounding names after moving to the States
    It also looks like Charles Chevalier was a cousin to my great grandfather, also named Charles born in Joliette to Edouard Chevalier and Metilda Goulet. Edouard was a son of Basil Chevalier. Edouard and “Millie” moved from Canada to Henderson MN and had 13 kids in total. Seems to be a pattern. My grandfather’s name was Joseph. The same names keep popping up including Goulet.

  11. Carol Gerhard

    Looking for a birth date and place of birth for Hedwidge Chevalier who married Charles Perrault who had 5 children: Raymond, Harold, Irene, Adele, Dorothy, Baby Boy (died some unknown time). My name is Carol If you have this info I’d love to know of it. Thank you.

    • Donna Chevalier

      Hedwidge was a sister to my husband’s father, Louis Chevalier.
      Records as was found:
      Birth record:
      Pope County Courthouse, Glenwood, MN
      Advise Mary Odeal Chevalier, Book A, Page 62, Line 3
      born May 1, 1881 to Nazareth Chevalier of Canada descent, farmer, & Celilia Chevalier of Canada descent.
      Baptism record:
      St. Malachy Catholic Church, Clontarf, Swift County, MN
      Hedwig Mary Odilia Chevalier, born on June 1st (?) 1881 was baptized on June 1st, 1881 by Father Oster. Parents were Nazareth Chevalier and Ezilira Demers. God-parents were Joseph and Odilia Chevalier.
      Marriage record: Pope County Courthouse, Glenwood, MN.
      Headwig Chevalier – Charles Perrault, Dec. 20, 1897, book D, Page 402. — Charles Perrault of Bathgate, Co., N.D., married to Hedwige Chevalier of Pope Co., MN, on 27 Dec. 1897 at Clontarf, Swift Co., MN. Witnesses: Joseph Goulet & Sylvia Chevalier.
      California Death Index:
      Hedwige Perrault, b. 5/01/1881, female, MN. d. 10/08/1971 Sacramento, CA. Social Security #553-38-1216, 90 years.

  12. Allyn J. Chevalier

    My mother was Gloria J. Chevalier, daughter of Amos Chevalier, whose father was Joseph Chevalier Jr. This site is awesome. How can I reach Donna?

  13. Deanna Chevalier Horton

    My father was Raymond Chevalier, brother of Odel C. Chevalier. Mention of my father’s name appeared in Phillip Chevalier’s post of August 31′ 2013.
    Leah was my aunt.

    • Phillip Chevalier

      Hello Deanna. Funny you should contact me on my birthday and also the birthday of your grandmother, Delia (My great-grandmother) who was born in Lowell, MA, the same place as my children were born. It is a pleasure to greet you. I have heard so much about your father Raymond. I never got to know him, but his name has been circulated around my dad’s siblings for many years. I am Odell’s grandson.
      My father was Joseph Odell. He was the second born to Odell and Agnes Lockhart Chevalier. The oldest sibling was Roderick C. Chevalier, then my dad Joseph O., then John, Charles, Irene, and Agnes Marie, whom they call Marie. They all lived in Charlestown, MA. I know that there was a time when Odell went to California to work with Raymond.

      My father passed away in 1989. Irene shortly afterwards. The rest are still alive and the men live in the Boston area while Marie lives in Ohio.

      This is a great blog, but you can also contact me at

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