Some More Perrizo History…

Mark Becker, the grandson of Frank and Belle (Perrizo) Fiala, recently shared some great photographs, and I would like to share them with you…

Bruno Perrizo and his brothers - submitted by Mark Becker

Now, these are some great moustaches!  I am not sure which one is Bruno, and I don’t know if all of these men are actually Bruno’s brothers.  Maybe Mark will see this and help us out?

Bruno and Melinda Perrizo - submitted by Mark Becker

To read an earlier post on Bruno Perrizo family click here.

Belle Perrizo Fiala and sisters - submitted by Mark Becker

This is a photograph of Belle Perrizo and two of her sisters.  Not sure which sisters, but my bet is that it is Winifred and Della.  Just a guess…

Frank and Belle Fiala Wedding - submitted by Mark Becker

Mark told me his grandparents Frank and Belle (Perrizo) Fiala were married at St. Malachy Catholic Church in Clontarf.  His grandfather Frank suffered a fatal stroke while in the barber chair in Clontarf on August 18, 1937.  Belle then took over her father’s cafe, and Belle and her daughter Winifred (Mark’s mother) lived above the cafe in the old bank building.

Thanks Mark for the fantastic photographs and stories!  Much appreciated!

If you have memories or stories you would like to share, leave a comment or send an email to


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3 responses to “Some More Perrizo History…

  1. Douglas Becker

    these are the only pictures we have of our Grandmother and Grandfather, if you know of any more, could you please post them. we will visit Clontarf this spring and meet up for coffee or something.

    • Make sure you get in touch with Anne Schirmer when you come to Clontarf. She keeps the history books at the Hall. My mom and I are planning a trip out to Clontarf in early April. Let me know when you will be there, we can spread the word via the blog to see if people have photos. Stay in touch!

  2. Anne Schirmer

    There was an older gentleman in line in Hutchinson, MN, who asked the younger man in line behind him where he was from. ” Just a little town north & west from here. Clontarf, MN. Ever hear of it?” “yeah, I’ve heard of it. I had a friend from there. Winifred Fiala. Did you know her?” “No, but I’ll ask my mom about her when I get home.” Sure enough. He learned from his mom that Winifred Fiala was the daughter of Belle (Perrizo) Fiala, the lady that ran the Corner Cafe (aka Belle’s Place) in Clontarf (in the brick building that had been the Farmer’s State Bank of Clontarf, MN before the “crash” in late October, 1929). I wish I knew where this older gentleman had gotten to meet/know Winifred Fiala…..

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