Roy Perrizo: 41 years as Clontarf Postmaster

Since we are on the topic of the Perrizo family, let’s take a look at Roy Perrizo’s (son of Bruno and Melinda) story from the 100th anniversary booklet:

Prior to entering the U.S. Army in 1918, Roy Perrizo was a rural mail carrier at Clontarf. After he retired from service. he was employed at the Farmers State Bank of Clontarf. In 1925 he purchased the McDermott General Store and operated it until May of 1964 when he sold it to Victor Haroldstad who sold the business to Robert Fennell in 1965.  Roy Perrizo and Winifred McDermott were married in 1926 and in 1928 Winifred McDermott Perrizo died. Roy Perrizo was postmaster of Clontarf from 1926 until 1963 when he retired. He was a charter member of the American Legion, the V.F.W. organization, and the Benson Golf Club. He became a member of the Knights of Columbus in 1916.

In 1931 he married Rose Hughes of Tara Township. They had three sons, Richard, Burton, and Robert. Mrs. Rose Perrizo lives in Clontarf at the present time (1978).

Mark Becker, who so generously shared some Perrizo family photographs (click here to view the photographs), told me that his mother (Winifred Fiala Becker) was particularly fond of Uncle Roy and Aunt Rose and has warm memories of her Perrizo cousins.  Mark recalled many trips to Clontarf to visit Aunt Rose.

Next time we will take a look at Mr. McDermott’s ledger…


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3 responses to “Roy Perrizo: 41 years as Clontarf Postmaster

  1. Jackie Doherty

    Regarding the Clontarf Club –
    In the 50’s and 60’s, everyone in attendance eagerly awaited the big event. It usually happened about midnight. Earl Gilbertson and Otto Sluter (sp?) would dance cheek to cheek on the dance floor. Any newcomer’s would really “gawk” at the scene. Afterwards, the two men would get lots of grins, laughs and applause. Earl’s wife was Jeannie Christopherson (Ma Pete’s daughter).
    Also regarding the Clontarf Club – Before George Gilbertson sold to Lyle Kesting, there was a card room in the back part of the club. They had poker games that would last for days non stop. Some players would go for a day or two and then take a break and then come back. George was said to have played 4 straight days before he bit the dust one time.
    Also – George used to tell me about the time my uncle Andy Doherty, went broke playing poker there. George then gave Andy some money to go and get him and the rest of the players something to eat. Andy took the $20.00 and drank most of the money up. He returned to the game with the food that he had enough money to buy – a box of animal crackers. George used to laugh so hard telling the story, he would be crying.

    • Keep these stories coming Tom and Jackie! This is great for compiling history of the town in one place, so any time you think of a story, post it here on the blog – whether or not it relates to something or not. I really enjoy reading them! Thanks!

  2. Anne Schirmer

    My sister, Rita Ollendick, remembers taking the folks, Ray & Esther, to the Clontarf Club for their wedding anniversary. She had graduated from Benson High School in May 1969 and had gotten a job in Mpls. as a secretary at Puglesia and felt she had enough money to splurge for their 29th anniversary the end of Feb. 1970. She was six years older than me and I have no recollection of this – but then maybe I didn’t go because I was under age. I don’t recall. She says it was a small gathering of local people and most paid for their own meal, but Rita paid for Mom & Dad’s meal…Our brother, Peter, was in the Army at that time. Maybe at Ft. Campbell, KY, yet. Dad died April 22,1970, in a tragic farm accident at the farm of a neighbor where he had gone to grind feed early in the morning…That I’ll remember….

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