Happy 70th Anniversary!

Agnes McMahon and John W. Regan Wedding (April 26, 1941)


My grandparents Agnes McMahon and John W. Regan were married seventy years ago today.  While they were married at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Minneapolis, Agnes and John were both born in Tara Township in 1913.  Agnes and her family moved to Benson in 1918, and by 1924 the family was in Minneapolis. John lived in Clontarf until the mid-1930s.

Agnes and John met over a game of cribbage at Tim and Bridget (Bid) Foley’s Minneapolis home in 1939.  Agnes was Tim and Bid’s niece, and John was friends with their son John Foley (best man in the wedding photo above.)  Apparently, Uncle Tim excused himself from the game and asked Agnes to take his place.  From what I have heard of my grandpa and what I know of my grandma’s competitive streak, I imagine it was quite a game!

Agnes McMahon and John Foley were “double cousins” – Tom McMahon married Mary Foley and Tom’s sister Bridget McMahon married Mary’s brother Tim Foley.  The McMahon family were early settlers of Tara Township, Francis McMahon filed his homestead claim in 1876.  The Foleys settled about a mile away from the McMahons in Tara in 1879.  I have written about the Foley-Regan connectio…click here to read about it. 

My grandma was young when she left Clontarf (not yet six-years-old), but her memories and family stories are the foundation of my interest in the history of the town and community of Clontarf.  My grandma was proud of her Irish roots and her pioneer grandparents, and she passed that spirit on to her children and grandchildren.

Not only is this my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary, my grandma’s funeral was seven years ago today.  I miss our chats about the family and listening to her stories about the “old days”, but I consider myself very lucky to have had many years with her, soaking it all in. 

By the way, the bridal party consisted of Margaret McMahon Nelson (Agnes’ sister), John Foley, and Dody Fuchs (Agnes’ niece who grew up in Benson.)

Note to Margo: Still haven’t found a link between your Bridget McMahon and my relativess, but I am still digging.

Exciting News!!!!

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3 responses to “Happy 70th Anniversary!

  1. Jim Egeland

    I think it is wonderful to celebrate ancestors anniversaries. I had not thought about this. Thank you.

  2. Anne Schirmer

    My parents would also be celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2011!
    But they are Iowa natives and are not of Irish descent. Mom’s veil was just like the one in the photo of Agnes & “Red” Regan…small world!

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