New Sign & Mystery Photo

Clontarf, Minnesota (Anne Schirmer 2011)

Look at the great new sign welcoming residents and visitors to Clontarf!  The sign went up last month and is the Clontarf Haymakers 4H Club Community Pride project for 2011.  Great job!

I don’t remember where we left off with the Mystery Photo feature…let’s say #6.  What can you tell me about this one?  Anne shared this photo with me when we were in town last time…so she knows what it is!

Mystery Photo #6

What Clontarf building was home to this?  If you know, please leave a comment.  The first correct answer will receive one of the few remaining Clontarf Prairie Pub T-shirts!

By the way…how did St. Malachy Church Summerfest go earlier this month?  I hope it was a success!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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10 responses to “New Sign & Mystery Photo

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  2. Barb Doherty

    I think tghe mystery photo is from the Clontarf Club–loved the history of owners, workers, etc. Thanks for the work you do to keep this info available.

  3. Donna Chevalier

    I also believe it was in the Clontarf Club, over the display cabinet just entering the dining area. Wasn’t all that wall tile art work done by Bob Perrizo?

  4. Anne Schirmer

    Burt Perrizo left me a voice mail and said he also liked the new sign. He also said his brother, Bob, designed that greeting inside the entry at the Clontarf Club. We wonder who designed the tile art work over the bar. I’ll ask Bob…Alfred Ascheman’s children gathered for a reuniuon in Benson this week. They came to the Prairie Pub this morning with their spouses for breakfast…

  5. Anne Schirmer

    Burt Perrizo suggested I talk to Pete Caine, and gave me his phone number. Pete was expecting the call. He said he had many wonderful memories of Clontarf. He said Brownie Kesting’s sister actually put in the tiles, according to someone else’s design. So, then, the lovely lady over the bar was added during the time Lyle & Brownie Kesting owned the Club? Pete Caine worked at the Clontarf Club in the early 1960s (’60-’61) but married in 1962. He said he “lived there, mostly on the sofa upstairs”. There was an UPSTAIRS? I sort of remember a very small bathroom at the top of some stairs, come to think of it….He said he showered & stuff at Kestings home in Benson otherwise… Pete was from Murdock, the oldest of 17 children. He got to know Burt and others when they took summer jobs working for the Railroad!

    • With all of this information you are gathering, Anne, I think a history of the Clontarf Club is in order! Let’s talk about it…maybe the Swift County Historical Society would like it for their newsletter?

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