Excuses, excuses…

My apologies for the lack of new content on the blog over the past few weeks.  I will spare you any excuses and get right to some Clontarf history…

Anne has been learning a lot about the Clontarf Club and adding the new information in the comments of the Clontarf Club page.  Click here and scroll down to read the comments.  Hopefully we can compile all of these bits into a narrative telling the story of the Club.  Stay tuned!

Recently we have had some visitors to the blog with ties to the Fennell family of Clontarf.  Anne Schirmer shared the following photograph with me from her Clontarf genealogy collection:

Thomas and Catherine (Curtis) Fennell Family - 1922

Thomas Fennell was the son of Francis and Armeline Goulet, who were early settlers in the Clontarf area.  Thomas was the youngest of eight children born to Francis and Armeline in Glencoe, Minnesota.  Who are the members of this handsome family?  I am unable to identify them precisely in the photo, but I will share the information I have on the children.

In no particular order (but could be roughly by age)…

  • Eva “Evie” (1901-1976), married Clarence Ascheman.
  • Margaret, married Henry Peerboom.
  • Joseph, married Eleanor Bouta.
  • Agnes “Toots”, married William Wallace.
  • Martha, became Sister Marilyn, a Sister of Saint Joseph.
  • Edward.
  • William.
  • Louis “Buster”, (1909-1987), lived in Benson.
  • Thomas Anthony.
  • Edna.
  • Richard.
  • Mary.

Please let us know if you are able to fill in any of the blanks.  I will share the entire Fennell Family history from the Clontarf anniversary booklet in an upcoming post.

I wonder if the Dick Fennell who gave my grandpa John Regan the card pictured below is the same Richard Fennell, son of Thomas and Catherine?  It’s a cute Valentine…

I wonder what happened to Dick Fennell?  Share if you know!


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10 responses to “Excuses, excuses…

  1. Jeanne Fennell

    I believe I have the names in the correct order for the Thomas Joseph Fennell family picture. My picture is an original and the image is reversed so please correct any mistakes. I confuse easily.
    Back: L-R Margaret-William–Edmund-Eva-Agnes-Louis (Buster)
    Front: L-R Martha-Catherine-Thomas Joseph-Joseph Francis-Thomas Anthony (Tony)

    Re; the Valentine, I think you have to check out the other Richard or Dick Fennell’s. Richard Aloysius was born 15 Apr 1919 and died 17 Apr 1919.

    I am really enjoying the Clontarf blog, keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the identifications, Jeanne. That’s great! And thanks for the tip about Dick Fennell and the kind words about the blog!


    • Bob Barsaloux

      Hi Anne

      I hope you are still receiving emails at this address. I am Bob Barsaloux and I have most of the Fennell Family Tree. The Dick Fennel that gave the Valentine card, listed under the Thomas Fennel Family Picture, was my father-in-law Frederick P Fennell who owned Dick’s Café in Benson Minnesota in the 50s-60s. I would be happy to try and provide information where I can on the Fennell Family.

      Bob Barsaloux
      The Villages, Florida


  2. Anne Schirmer

    It is odd/weird to see that photo reversed.

  3. Anne Schirmer

    I believe the last three named (Edna, Richard, & Mary) died as infants.

  4. Anne Schirmer

    Frank Fennell married Armeline Goulet.
    Frank Jr. married Julia LeDuc, and his only brother,
    Thomas Fennell married Catherine Curtis.
    Frank & Julia named one of their sons Fredrick or Frederick, and he was called “Dick”. I don’t know why. He and his wife, Gladys (Lageson) lived on a farm north of my home place in Tara Twp. before George & Mary (Maher) Kepner took it over, maybe/probably about 1950s . Gladys Lageson was a sister to “Buck” Lageson, who married Marjorie Regan. Dick & Gladys had several children, and Ron was in my grade (Class of 1975). And for those people unfamiliar with these names: Lageson is pronounced with 3 syllables (LA-gah-son) and Maher is 2 syllables (MAH-her). These are things my mother told me when I asked her how she knew Ron Fennell’s folks. My folks were also friends with Buck & Margie Lageson.
    There was a plaque on the wall dedicated to “Dick” Fennell at Park View Manor in Benson. I’ll have to step in and take a picture of it…I’ll let you know what it reads.

  5. Jeanne Fennell

    Frank and Julia Fennell had 16 children, 4 of whom died in infancy. Frederick (Dick) was 2nd to the youngest. He married Lucille Harrison from Montana. They had one daughter, Carole Anne. Dick had restuarants in Benson for 30 years, among them being The Shell Cafe and Dick’s Cafe. He workd at Park View Manor before his death in 1998. A picture of the plaque would be great!
    His older brother, Art, was married to Gladys Lageson. They had five children, Sharon, Richard (Dick), Kenneth, Jerry and Ronald. He farmed until moving to Benson in 1957 where he worked at the Swift County-Benson
    Hospital and Tyler Manufacturing. I’m not sure of the farms they lived on but most likely it was the Art Fennell family that lived north of you.

  6. Anne Schirmer

    I stand corrected. Thank you. I should have had the Book in front of me before I wrote my comment. Thanks again. 🙂
    I remember being in the Shell Cafe once or twice, and I remember the sign DICK’S Cafe, but I don’t recall ever going in there.
    Oct. 3, 2011 Purcilla Kurkoski passes away. Her obituary was in the swiftcountymonitor.com She worked at several restaurants through the years, including the Shell Cafe and the Cafe in Clontarf before she retired.
    (Her daughter Judi Ellingson died Oct. 3, 2010)

    • Neil Lageson

      Dick’s Cafe was on the corner, next to DeMarce Theater.

      • Anne Schirmer

        Does anyone have pictures of the interior of Dick’s Cafe? I have a picture of exterior during a Kid Day Parade about 1964, maybe…I’ll have to find it. Hamburgers 15 cents! lol

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