November 3, 1883 @ McDermott’s

November 3, 1883


Nothing too out of the ordinary this day at the store – nails, tobacco, sugar.  I wonder what Father Oster was up to?  I wonder how often he purchased items for area residents?  I know he played an instrumental role in helping get new settlers established in the area.  Sometimes it seems like he purchases an odd assortment of goods at the store.

Note: Julia Axion (spelling?) was Father Oster’s housekeeper.

*The McDermott General Store of Clontarf ledger books can be viewed at the West Central Minnesota Historical Research Center at the University of Minnesota – Morris.  Visit their website for more information on their extensive collection.




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3 responses to “November 3, 1883 @ McDermott’s

  1. Eileen Doherty Bliss

    Yes, I was wondering about Father Oster and the two ladies vests (returned)! Hmmm??
    Thanks for posting the ledger; very interesting!
    Eileen Doherty Bliss

  2. Anne Schirmer

    The name CHARLES AXIER appears in one of the stained glass windows in the Church…..I’ve not done any research on him or his family. Do you have any info?

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