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Where did the month of September go?  I will announce the September drawing winner later this weekend.  Stay tuned!

Anne had some info on the Roll descendants, read her comment here.  She also had something to say about Jim Gosson here.  Make sure you read all of Anne’s comments…she has tons of great information!

I just received this obituary from Marlys at the Swift County Historical Society.  Mary (Owens) Gosson lived in Section 10 of Tara Township.

Swift County News June 16, 1921

Many of the pall bearers have been mentioned already as residents of section 10 and neighboring parts of Tara.  Neal Regan, James Duggan, William Kenna, David Kent, and John Green.  I am not sure if I mentioned this when I wrote previously about the Gosson family, but I remember Donald and Gerald Regan telling me that when their uncle Jim Duggan was a young man he had a crush on Margaret Gosson.  Jim Duggan never married.  I wonder if Margaret Gosson did?

I am headed to New Hampshire next week, and while there I plan to do a bit of research.  If your family came from Clontarf from New Hampshire and I have not mentioned them, please let me know.

Have a good weekend!


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On a Roll…

I stumbled upon an interesting family history blog the other day – Roll Family Stuff.  Click here to read a post about a former resident of Clontarf who moved away  in 1887, leaving some relatives behind.  The post contains a journal entry by Frank Roll that recounts where he worked and lived from 1873 to 1887.  Take a look, then come back and read more here.

What a treasure to have such an account!  I would love to have information like this on my ancestors.   Frank Roll’s journey is fascinating.  Sometimes I think of migration in America as following a purely westward path, but it was often more complicated than that.  For the nineteenth-century American pioneer, moving to a new area was always a gamble – sometimes it paid off and sometimes they had to cut their losses and move on.

Here’s what the 100th anniversary booklet has to say about the Rolls…

August Roll – Family History

August Roll and his brother, Frank, homesteaded in Clontarf Township – having come from Michigan – in 1876.  Frank and his family, as well as a sister of Frank and August, disappointed with the treeless, desolate nature of the prairie returned to Michigan.

August married Victoria Back at St. Malachy Church, Clontarf, in 1883.  They had two childern: Edward, who married Anna Scheid and William.  Edward and Anna Roll had two children: Bernice who married Donald Kent and William who married Marie Tosterud.

Donald and Bernice Kent farmed in Tara Township for many years.  Donald was a parish trustee for ten years until his death in 1975.  Bernice had been a school teacher before her marriage and was in charge of the CCD classes at St. Malachy’s under Father King and Father Cooney.  Bernice still has the farm in Tara.

William and Marie Roll live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and they have four children (Charles, David, Mary, and John.)

It is interesting how the family history makes it sound like Frank came to Clontarf, didn’t like the flat landscape, and left.  But from his own account, we can see he tried to make a go of it in Clontarf, including having the blacksmith shop and going elsewhere to find work.

This got me thinking about who were the blacksmiths in Clontarf over the years.  About a week or so ago, the Birhanzel family history mentioned Patrick McCarthy worked as the blacksmith, and now we know about Frank Roll.  Anybody know who else was the blacksmith in town?


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