The Historians

Anne is the (un)official historian of Clontarf, Minnesota and the senior correspondent for the Clontarf History Blog.   She is the ultimate source for information on the families who once lived (and still live) in the town and surrounding area.  Always eager to learn something new about the people and history of Clontarf, Anne adds the information to her already vast knowledge and comes up with connections that help paint a picture of life in Clontarf over the past 135 years.  Anne is a native of Tara Township (just west of Clontarf) and currently resides in Clontarf Township.

Aine researches the history of the pioneer Irish settlers in Tara Township and Clontarf itself.  Most of the posts come from the research she and her mother have conducted over the past six years.  Her maternal grandparents were born in Tara Township in 1913 and lived in Clontarf before moving to Minneapolis, and Aine spent over thirty years listening to her grandmother’s memories of the place she left as a very small child.  She loves it when people comment on her blog posts.  Aine currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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  1. Tim Hughes

    Any information on settlers William and Margaret (Campbell) Hughes or descendants? Thanks.

    • Dear Tim: Hello I am hoping that you and I can help each other…

      William Hughes and Margaret Campbell are my of my family
      Wm Henry Hughes b about 1813 i Co. Tyrone Ireland his parents are Paul Hughes and Mary Martin.

      William married Margaret Sara Campbell BV about 1813? In Ireland She died Oct l7–l9? 1895 Buried St. Malachy in Clontarf, MN
      Her parents were Donald Cambpell and Rose LInn (Lynn)

      of this family Cornelius Hughes B Jan 25 l845
      married Kathrine DunnB Oct 11, l857 Inver Grove Dakkota Co. MN Her parent s are Michael Joseph Dunn Clomcel Co. Ireland Mother was Elizabeth Connors Tipperary Ire.

      Hope that you might be able to add to your notes…

      What Hughes family is yours..

      Margo Ascheman

      • Thanks Margo!
        So Cornelius is William’s son? Do you know where the Hughes brothers (Walter, Lloyd, Chauncey, etc.) come in?


      • Tim Hughes

        Aine, thanks for the great postings! Margo, I can give you a bit of info that might help. I’m descended from William’s brother, Henry. According to Henry’s 1837 marriage record, he’s s/o Henry Hughes/Margaret Martin. William’s marriage record, 2 Oct 1839, states that he is s/o Henry Hughes/Peggy Martin of Co. Tyrone. [“Paul Hughes” appears to be an error for “Henry Hughes”?] Margaret/Peggy Martin d. in Bonaventure Co., Quebec, 19 Aug 1865, said age 95y. Henry settled in northern Maine about 1851-52 and drowned in the St. John River about 10 April 1853, age 41y. He left 7 children who all lived in Aroostook Co., Me.; his widow died in 1892.

      • Hi…saw your post on the Clontarf
        website and was wondering if you were related to my families Mcmahons. Your last name looks similar to my Mcmahon relatives that lived in Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

    • Margo McGeary Ascheman

      Tim I must let you know that I not find your notes until today. Yes we are related… Ha..

      The Campbell branch found ties in Clontarf in the 1980’s and he has printed a book of that family. I have not been in contack with him for a few years. I have a 2006 email from him …
      This is another email of his family on the cc: line
      The family is McGeary Hughes ties…..

      My email address is

      We live in Benson only 5 miles from Clontarf….

      I am hoping that I will be able to learn about my g grandmother family… Bridget McMahon–McMahan ..

      I have not heard from Aine personal yet… I did not know about this program about Swift Co. Clontart and Tara Twp…

      Bye for now…. Your cousin Margo Ascheman

    • Margo McGeary Ascheman



      I was able to contact Campbell family years back from an add in the genealogy helper…..


    • Jean

      Delightd to read this information.Any Shinnick descendents there?
      John and Matthew White were very early settlers. Is anyone researching these families? Willian toresearch for me?


    • Darlene Hebert

      Also researching Hughes family, do you have a complete list of the children of Henry/Margaret Hughes. I think my ggg-grndmthr is their dau. Marguerite Hughes mr’d Thomas Hamilton, Ireland? 2 of their chldrn born Ireland? Sarah/Philias Poirer, Henry/Jane Smith(both mr’d Bonaventure). I think all Hamilton’s except Sarah to US in 1854, I think came south from Bonaventure, visited Henry/Ann Highland Hughes family in Maine, when the group reached Chicago Marguerite/Thomas and maybe dau Helene died of Asiatic Cholera, I saw Wm/Marguerite Hughes has 2 children dying also 1854 in Chicago. On the 1860 Inver Grove, MN census, Wm’s family lives 2 farms from Henry Hamilton’s family(Marguerite’s son)(Susan is my gg-grndmthr) Does any of this sound familiar?
      My email is
      P.S. William/Marguerite Campbell Hughes were mr’d 2 October 1839, in Canada.

    • Louie Pelletier

      HI Tim, I am also a descendant of Henry and Annie Hughes. I live in the town in northern Maine where they moved to. I would be interested in your line to see where we match up.

      • Darlene Hebert

        I believe Henry is a brother to my ggg-grndmthr, Marguerite Hughes Hamilton. We found her mr’ge year and the bptsms of her first 2 children in Tully Allen, Tyrone, Ireland, before immigrating to Bonaventure Quebec. I believe when they came to US in 1854, the group went to Maine before coming to the Midwest. From research, Wm/Marguerite Campbell Hughes seemed to be part of the group. After the deaths of some of their children, along with Marguerite/Thomas Hamilton in 1854, the Hughes family to MN and were neighbors to Henry Hamilton. Henry/Margaret (Peggy) Martin are the parents, brn in Ireland, d’d in Bonaventure Quebec Canada.
        Would love to work with others to solve this puzzle.

  2. Ian Cochran


    I was wondering if in your research you have come across any information on residents in Clontarf by the name of Shea or Dailey.

    I am a decedent of Thomas E. Dailey, (born July 1, 1854 ?; died in December 1925 in Great Falls, Montana), married Margaret Shea at Clontarf, Swift county, MN in 1882.

    I do not know however if my ancestors lived in Clontarf or in Benson (or somewhere in between). We have an album of photos dating from the end of the 19th century. Many are studio photos from the R. E. Brandmo photo studio in Benson. Judging by the quality, number and their clothing, they were relatively well to do.

    It appears that Thomas and Margaret had a number of children in Benson/Clontarf area before moving to Montana; Francis Veronica (my great grandmother, married Patrick Kenny and moved to Montana as a school teacher), as well as Agnes, Michael, Thomas, Alice and Mary Ellen.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Ian,

      I will look into these families this week. I have often seen the names – they crop up in the general store ledger for sure. There wasn’t a photo studio in Clontarf, so many of the photos I have are from Brandmo as well. I have so many photos of groups of young men where I can only identify one or two of the people. Do you have any like this? Most are from around 1900. They are great to have, aren’t they?

      When did Thomas and Margaret move to Montana? Do you know where they were before coming to Clontarf/Benson area?

      I will have some time this week to look into it.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading the blog!


  3. Tiffany Shea

    Hi Aine and Ian…. I just started researching my family tree and came upon your site. I believe I know who Ian is talking about. Let me know if this adds up with your information!
    Margaret (maggie) Shea was Daughter of Michael and Alice shea…and Sister of Thomas F Shea, John Shea, James Shea, Nancy Shea, Mary Shea, and Alice Shea.
    Thomas F. Shea Married Jane Irene Kenna(daughter of Jane Howard and John Edward Kenna) in 1866
    I hope this helps a little and please let me know if you have any information on these names…especially the Shea family…I would love to know more on them!

  4. Greetings!

    I am Jannet Walsh and live in Murdock, Minnesota. I blog about my family roots in connection the the Catholic colonies establsihed by Archbishop Irlenad.
    Contact me if you think we might be related at
    I will be blogging shortly about my recent finding in County Kerry Ireland in connectin to my Foley family roots. Read my last post:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Jannet Walsh

  5. Colleen Galvin

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Colleen Galvin and I am looking for any info on my fathers family. The Galvin’s and the Flemings are from both Tara Township and Clonrtarf. Many of my family members are buried at St. Malachy Cemetery. Timothy Galvin married Catherine Kelly in Cook County Illinois in1872, and they are listed in the 1880 census as living in Tara, Swift County, MN. My other great-grandparents are (Delia) Bridget Cooney and James P. Fleming. They are also listed as living in Tara, Swift County, MN. My grandparents are John and Mary (Fleming) Galvin. They raised nine children in Clontarf (my father, Kenneth Galvin, was the eighth child), moving to St. Paul when the younger children were in grade school. Thanks!!!

    Colleen Galvin

    • Hi Colleen — Do you have obits for the Galvins and Flemings? I can forward them to you (when I locate them!) Do you have any old photos of either family? I believe Timothy Galvin came from Ireland in 1864 with Patrick Foley and John Regan, two other Tara settlers. I have a history of the Galvin and Fleming families that I came across in Clontarf several years ago. I will scan it in and email it to you. Just give me a few days! Thanks for reading the blog and I will be in touch! — Aine

  6. Carolyn Shook

    Hi Aine,
    Am looking for any information I can find on my g-grandmother, Kathrine
    Farley and her daughter Anna Ryan. I have copy of baptismal certificate from St. Malachy Church for Anna dated March 22, 1944. They evidently could not locate her original and was rebaptized on this date. Anna was born October 4, 1915 in Canada. Anna died in Benson November 3, 1950. Is Kathrine buried at St. Malachy Cemetery?
    Thanks for any info you might find.
    Carolyn from Iowa

    • Anne Schirmer

      These names are not familiar to me at this time…Sorry for the delay in responding to your information & request. I’ll write these names down and look for them in the cemetary and in Benson at the Historical Society. Thanks for reading the blog….Anne S. at Clontarf, MN

  7. Mary Schultz

    I am related to the Brown’s, Shea’s and the Lawler’s from Stevens County. I was always told when the Irish arrived in Clontarf they never left. Too many Pubs to pass. I spent many summers on the Coleman farm in Morris. My cousin Chuck Brown lived in Appleton. Alice Shea was my great grandmother. Charles Brown and Julia Mears from Chokio were my maternal grandparents. Does any of this information connect with anyone on this site?

    • Mary — Clontarf has retained its Irish identity, although most of the original Irish families are long gone. Some Shea descendants have stopped by the blog and made comments and I have seen the Lawler name on plat maps. Do you know if Julia Mears had a brother named John (Jack) who married Catherine McMahon of Tara Township? I have always been curious as to where Jack came from. I have a couple of photographs with Jack Mears. Before he was married he worked on my great-grandfather Neil Regan’s farm. I suggest you do a search of the names you are interested in on the front page of the blog. Any posts with the names should appear. Thanks for your comment! I will keep these names in mind as I go along! — Aine

  8. Mary Schultz

    Julia Mears did have a brother named Jack born in 1878. He married Mary Ann Brown. My mother Marcella Brown had several double cousins. Thank you for your reply and I will add the Mears name to the search.

  9. Michael Shea

    Great site, I have done Shea family research off and on for several years, my uncle brought me some information which lead me to this site. My Great, Great Grandparents were Michael and Alice Shea, Thomas Shea was my Great Grandfather. The family moved west and ended up in Greencreek Idaho, where they farmed. My father was born in Greencreek and worked the farm with the rest of his family before moving to Olympia WA.

  10. Gretchen Apitz Keefe

    The night the elevator burned, we were living upstairs above the old liquor store mystery photo #3. The roof was so hot they did drop a egg and it fried. We had no fire dept and believe me every one in town was fearful!

  11. Dave Klassen

    I’ve been trying to trace my Burns family relations; they started out in Iowa but came to Clontarf some time between 1895 and 1900 (on the 1900 census there, but on a 1895 Iowa census they are in Forest City, Iowa).

    The family is James and Mary Burns (I don’t know her maiden name; their children are Charles, Ann, William, Mary, and James—but I have no evidence they were ever in Clontarf), his brother Edward M Burns (my GG grandfather) with his children Bridget, Joseph F, Agnes May, Edward Emmet, Benjamin Franklin, and Vera D; and the mother of James and Edward, Bridget (she was married to a Charles Burns who, I believe, died in Iowa before 1870).

    I know Edward M and his family left between 1905 and 1910. But I lose track of James and Mary and Jame’s mother Bridget after 1910. I’m assuming they died and are buried there but I can’t find any records of that.

    Does anyone know where I can go to continue my search?

    • I will take a look at some of the records I have and see what I can find. Thanks for visiting the blog, Dave!

    • William (Bill) Feuchtenberger

      James and his family were here in 1900 along with Edward. 1900 census shows that. Hope it helps. I am trying to find out when Edward Burns, James’ brother died.
      Bill Feuchtenberger

      • Dave Klassen

        Thanks! Yeah, I have James and the rest in 1900.

        Edward is my gg Grandfather; I have been unable to find a death year for him either. I see him in the MN census of 1905 and the US Census in 1910 living in King, Winnebago, Iowa with several of his children. By 1920, all his children are on their own and I can’t find him.

        I also can’t find a death date for his wife, Mary Hallet. Since she isn’t on the 1900 census, but is on the Iowa 1895 census, I’m assuming she dies somewhere in that time frame. Actually, I *just* found this

    • Dave Klassen

      Here’s a follow-up to my post above.

      As noted by Bill F. below, James and Mary Burns were in Clontarf in 1900 and are on the Census; his mother Bridget is living with them. Mary turned out to be Mary Ann Fitzsimmons, daughter of William Fitzsimmons and Ann Geraghty. There’s an Iowa birth record for a Burns child of theirs (not first name) on 25 Nov 1883. Neither this child, nor Mary appear on the 1885 census with James and the rest of the kids. And on 4 May 1909 there’s a MN (St. Paul, Ramsey Co) marriage record of James to Delia Hallett.

      Deila Hallett appears to be the widow of Benjamin Hallett which makes her Adelia Fitzsimmons, Mary Ann’s older sister. Benjamin and Adelia are the parents of Mary Hallett, the wife of Edward M Burns (my GG grandfather), James’ brother! I found Mary [Hallett] Burns’ gravestone (see my entry below) in Iowa. I also have an obit for Bridget Burns (mother of James and Edward M) that implies she should be buried in the same place, but the site notes there are no other stones in the area.

      Edward M is in Clontarf in 1900 and 1905 censuses. I see him last in 1910 in King, Winnebago, Iowa. In 1920, all his kids are living on their own and he’s not with any of them.

      So it’s looking like none of my Burns’ were in Clontarf all that long. So, while I still have questions on these folks, I don’t think I’ll be finding them here. But thank you all for helping!

    • Jeff Gossman

      Benjamin Burns was my Grandfather, buried in Clontarf. I was born just outside of Clontarf. I have some info, and found a brother recently from my father Benedict Burns,one of Benjamins children, who remairred after my mother-Jane I Finstad

  12. My grandparents, Marion and Nellie McClaren with their two daughters, Alta and Alice moved to a farm near Clontarf from Mason City Iowa in 1905. My grandmother boarded teachers for the two or three years they lived near the school before returning to Mason City. The land was swampy and infested with many snakes. Grandfather raised beef cattle, fodder, and milk cows. My question is what was going on in Clontarf in 1905? What might have lured my grandparents to leave family in Iowa to farm and ranch in Clontarf? Thank you for offering your services. McClaren Davies, July 6, 2012.

  13. Phillip E. Chevalier

    Does anyone have more information on the Chevalier family? I would love any and all information about this family as my grandfather, Odel C. Chevalier was the last child born to Joseph and Odelia. Any information and pictures would be amazing.

    Phillip Chevalier

    • Hi Philip,

      What I know of the Chevalier family is on the blog. I am forwarding this email to Anne in Clontarf to see if she has more info.

      Thanks for visiting the blog!


    • Donna Chevalier

      Your great grandparents: Chevalier
      Joseph Chevalier II, b. 30 Mar 1847 at St. Alphonse, Joliette, Que, Can. Married on 23 August 1885 to Delia Carter in Pembina, ND. Joseph died 9 June 1917 in Hoff Township, Pope County, MN., and was buried on 11 June 1917 in St. Malachy Catholic Cemetery, Clontarf, Swift Co. MN.
      Obituary: “Swift County Monitor” Benson, MN, Friday, June 15, 1917 – Joseph Chevalier, Dead. Joseph Chevalier, for the past twenty years a resident of the town of Hoff, died at his home, Saturday, June 9th, after a short illness from cancer of the stomach. He was born in Canada March 30, 1847, and came to Pope Co., from Bathgate, No. Dak., about 20 years ago. He is survived by 13 children, and one brother, Nazareth Chevalier of this city. The funeral services were held at the Catholic Church in Clontarf on Monday forenoon at 9:30 o’clock, Rev. Fr. Kenney officiating. Interment was made in Clontarf.
      His wife, Delia Carter, born 9 Dec 1866 at Hadley, Hampshire, MA, died 18 Apr 1909 in Hoff Township, Pope County, MN, and was buried on 20 Apr 1909 in St. Malachy Cemetery, Clontarf, Swift, MN.
      Obituary: “Swift County Monitor” Benson, MN, Friday, April 23, 1909 – Mrs. Joe Chevalier.
      Mrs. Joe Chevalier passed away at her home in the town of Hoff, Pope Co., last Sunday from blood poison. She had been ill about three weeks.
      The deceased, Mrs. Delia Carter Chevalier, who was 43 years of age, was born in the state of Massachusetts. She came out to North Dakota in 1880 locating in Bathgate in Pembina County, where she was married to Joe Chevalier about 5 years later. In 1898, they moved to Pope County, taking a farm in the town of Hoff, where she lived up to the time of her death. She was a woman of many excellent traits and was a kind and loving wife and mother. She leaves to mourn her loss her husband and thirteen children, ten sons and three daughters. She also leaves two brothers, Joe Carter of Arcola, Sask., Fred Carter of Bathgate, No. Dak., and two sisters, Mrs. Shaw of Bathgate, No. Dak., and Mrs. LeBarge of Arcola, Sask.
      The funeral services were held Tuesday from the Catholic Church at Clontarf, Rev. Fr. Kenny officiating. Those attending the funeral from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Chevalier, Mrs. Shaw and Fred Carter, all from Bathgate, No. Dak.
      Their children were: Joseph Chevalier III (m. Nora Fleming), Adlor Chevalier (m. Mathilda Daniel) Leah Anastasia (m. Ernest “Cush” Daniel), Eugene “Gene” (m. Elva Bolinger), Leon (single), Edward (m. Pauline Neinaber), Mary (m. Henry Hoffarth), Arthur (m. Myrtle McGrady), Irene (m. Homer Morin), Amos (m. Agnes Hedelieus), Oliver (m. Sylvia Walsh), Raymond (m. Dorothy Borke), Edwin (d. of cholera – b. Jan 1907, d. Sept 1908), & Odell (m. Agnes Lockhart).
      Of interest: I did not find Odel in the 1930 census. Do you know where he was? After his parents died I find him, and his brother, Raymond, in the 1920 census, living with his sister, Mary Hoffarth, in Hancock, MN. What took Odel out to Massachusetts? His mother, Delia, had been from Mass. According to the 1940 census, Odell’s wife was also born in Massachusetts. In the 1935 census, he was already married, living in Boston, and his occupation was: Lab. Later in the 1940 census, he was a truck driver. Donna Chevalier:

      • Phillip Chevalier

        Hello Donna,

        I am sorry it took me so long to reply. Quite honestly, I never saw this blog before as I am not sure it was connected to the other. This was some wonderful information. The obituaries, while sad, shed some light on missing pieces from my family. I had no idea that my great-grandmother was from Massachusetts, as my entire family still lives here. I would love to know more about both Delia Carter’s family and Joseph II. I was very young when Odell died. My father’s name was Joseph Odell and my brother is Joseph Odell, Jr. My father was the second child of Odell C. and Agnes M. (Lockhart) Chevalier. Roderick C. was the first born and lives in Lynn, MA, My father, Joseph died in 1989, Then there is John and Charles who both are still alive and live in Cohasset, MA, Irene (Chevalier) Barber who passed away in 1992 and is buried near my grandparents. And finally, there is Agnes Marie (Chevalier) Burns of Zanesville, Ohio.

        From what I have been told, Odell’s mom died shortly after he was born. His father wanted to ensure that he and his brother Raymond were taken care of so he set it up with his daughter to care for them. That is why I believe you couldn’t find them in the census. From what I understand, Odell was stationed in the U.S. Navy at Charlestown, MA harbor, just across the bridge from Boston’s Old North Church. I remember him working in the ship yard when I was younger.

        I would love any information that comes your way and/or any pictures that can be posted. Do you know if St. Malachy’s has any information that they could share?

        Phillip Chevalier

  14. John Keane

    Aine, I had a good friend who died in 1999 who was born Anne Kavanaugh in Clontarf in about 1907. Her parents were born in Bunmahon, Co. Waterford, Ireland, and my friend claimed there were numerous immigrants from Bunmahon who came to Clontarf in the 1870s/1880s along with her parents. Do you have any information on the Kavanaughs or any other Irish immigrants from Co. Waterford?

    • Thanks for the comment! Off the top of my head I don’t know anything about the Kavanaughs, but it is on my radar now. I am intrigued that her family came from Bunmahon – I was just in that neck of the woods in September.

      Where did Anne go after Clontarf?

      I will be in touch!



    Anne Kavanaugh herself moved to Kansas City where she got married, and later she and her husband ended up in Seattle (1940s?). Anne’s sister Margaret married a man named Sullivan and they had 12 children. That family also moved to Seattle in 1930 and there are several surviving Sullivan sons and one daughter, nearly all of whom were born in Clontarf. The Eileen Sullivan in the 1929 1st Communion photo at may be the Seattle Eileen as she was born in Clontarf in 1920.

    • Teresa Sullivan

      Posting this info to assist others if related and for general knowledge of residents in Clontarf.

      Hello John – My Aunt Jean Dobbs (nee Sullivan) just mentioned your name to me this past Saturday and oddly I find you here in this “old” post. (I was telling her of my desire for an Irish passport but I am a generation too late.) My father Andrew is one of Mary Margaret Cavanaugh’s (sometimes spelled with a K) and Daniel Sullivan’s 12 children. I have been putting together a lot of family history. My Great G-parent’s Cavanaugh’s did come from Ireland. going back further, I can find some of my ancestor’s names in the files posted on the GeoCoast Copper Park website, Bunmahon. Yes, as the next post below says, Mary M. McCarthy was Mary Margaret’s (so she went by Margaret) mother and Barbara Kendall was my…Great Aunt? Maybe a cousin? (Have to verify exact relationship with my Dad, but I remember her very well.) She also had an oil company near Seattle located in Bothell. It is wonderful to find this info about Clontarf, which I heard so much about from my Grandma Margaret (Mary Margaret). My paternal Great Grandfather was Patrick J. Sullivan married to Julia Ann Sheehan. Patrick Sullivan moved to Clontarf to live with his son’s family (Daniel’s) after his wife died. (1930 Census). At that time there were 7 of the 12 children born. Mary Margaret’s parents (birth certificate shows spelled with a K) were Andrew Kavanaugh and Mary M. McCarthy, both born in Ireland.

  16. Gretchen Apitz Keefe

    the Sullivans were related to the McCarthy’s, my grandparents. One of the girls married a Kendall, they had a lumber yard in the Seattle area. Gretchen Apitz Keefe

  17. Donna Chevalier

    The Feuchtenberger info I have, may not be your family, but the Burns line is included: William Feuchtenberger, b. ca 1873, Ger., and his wife, Emma Moser, b. ca 1882 in IA. Their children: Adaina b, ca 1905, William b. 1906, May 28, in MN. & Charley J. b. ca 1908, appear in the 1910 census for Horton, Stevens Co., MN. The above son, William Phillip “Willie” Feuchtenberger, Sr., b. 28 May 1906 in MN. Married on 26 Dec 1943 in Clontarf, Swift, MN, to Bernice Bridget Burns. William died 15 Mar 1993 in Douglas Co., MN. Burial in Clontarf, Swift, MN. Bernice Bridget Burns, born 5 Aug 1916 in Clontarf, to Benjamin Franklin “Ben” Burns & Evelina Josephine “Alvina” Chevalier. Bernice died 19 Sep 1978 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, buried 22 Sept 1978 in Clontarf.

  18. William (Bill) Feuchtenberger

    That is my Family.

  19. William (Bill) Feuchtenberger

    That makes sense if you take into account the age of Veronica in the 1900 census. Childbirth?
    Thanks for the info.

  20. Donna Chevalier

    Hello Philip Chevalier
    You are welcome for the info on Odell Chevalier. I was wondering what family pictures you already have, and to which generations you already have. My e-mail:
    Donna Chevalier

  21. Dave Klassen

    This past May I was able to take a vacation to Ireland (a gift from my grandmother, Margaret [Burns] Klassen who lived for a time in Clontarf). We landed in Dublin and that very day went out to Clontarf to see the castle, which is now a hotel. The concierge gave us a mini-tour and was stunned to learn there was a Clontarf in MN. I’d be happy to share a few pictures with you all.

  22. Mike Murphy

    I am Mike Murphy, My grandpa was E.H. Schoolmeesters. He was an excellent Grandpa and lived to be 98. He lived in Clontarf, MN most of his life. Can anyone tell me more about him? I am soon going to a family reunion. I live in San Diego, CA. Thank You. Mike

  23. Gretchen Apitz Keefe

    I lived most of my childhood in Clontarf, grew up with the Schoolmeester kids and new Ed. Gretchen Apitz Keefe

  24. Donna Chevalier

    The Schoolmeester family were good friends of the Alfred Ascheman family in Clontarf. We were practically neighbors, as our cow lots/pastures shared the same fence line. Ed and Dorothy’s seven children, matched in ages pretty well, with Alfred’s ten children, so we grew up together.
    At harvest time, after Ed’s shift at the depot, he would come over and volunteer his help with loading oat bundles, or of corn stalks for the silo. He worked right along besides my older brothers pitching bundles. I, Donna, well remember my driving the team/tractor while they loaded bundles, and then getting to ride on top of the load with Ed, for the trip home. He was always so cheerful.
    While Ed was agent at the Clontarf Depot, for a while he left us (his children and I and my siblings) bring up our phonograph & records, and we used that area to learn to dance. We had a great time.
    If my Dad was in need of a friend’s help with something, he could count on asking Ed, and vise versa. Once when Ed had missed his mornings ride to work at the depot up a ways northwest of Clontarf, he called up to see if he could somehow get a ride. I was helping at home at the time and Alfred was not home. I knew that Dad would want to help Ed so I drove him up to that town for work.
    I would love to be at that reunion, just to see Ed and Dorothy’s family again. When is your reunion, and where? Greet them from the Ascheman family.
    Donna Chevalier,
    Would love to hear from some of Ed/Dorothy’s children.

  25. Mike Murphy


    Thank you very much for getting back to me. My mom is jean Murphy and lives in Scottsdale, AZ. I told her about the website and is going to visit it and tell Dot, Helen and Leon about the web site. This is a real nice website for me to learn about my relatives. I love being Irish and learning about my heritage. Please Keep in touch. I enjoyed your story and the driving of the tractor!


  26. My name is Don Schoolmeesters, son of Ed and lived in Contarf from the mid 1930’s until I left in 1948 after graduating hi school. I nOW live in Neptune Beach Florida. I think back to the days when I lived there. My best friends were Jack, Jim and Don Ascheman. When we went to school in the big town, Benson we were the country kids and did not amount to anything. My life there was good, remember this was the big depression times, friends were made and still remembered. I left, went to college, did not see them very often, Sorry did not keep in touch. My email address is school_don@, will communicate with anyone that wants to contact me. Doc Apitz was my scout master and took us in his plane and let us fly it. Great memories Don

  27. Donna Chevalier

    Great to hear from you Don. You were like another brother in our family, as you were with my older brothers so much on the farm on the edge of Clontarf. Jack passed away in April 2011, Jim still lives at Clontarf, and Don lives in Davenport, FL. I forwarded this website information on to my siblings as I know they would like to hear about & from the Schoolmeester family. Donna

  28. Looking for the families of Mary Shea Tierney and Cornelius Tierney.
    Cornelius worked as a copper miner in Silver Bow, Butte, Montana around1906. They married. Hopefully someone sees this and gets back to me.

  29. Maryalyce McCabe

    I am doing research on my mother’s family. My mother was Alice M. Casey born in Clontarf in1902. I have her birth certificate. Her parents were Katie Kirk Casey and Francis J. Casey. I am planning a trip to Clontarf 10/14/2015 to do further research. Do you have any suggestions where I should start. I know the church name and I assume the cemetery. Thanks so much for any help you could send my way. Thanks so much!

    • Anna Lee

      Hello Maryalyce. it’s been over 3 years since you have posted your comment above. I was hoping we could speak via email about Alice M. Casey. I am not 100% sure, but I believe she is my grandmother. I have a copy of my father’s birth certificate, and the name matches. He was adopted in the early 1920’s. I don’t want to offend anyone with a search that could cause issues. Thank you

  30. Darlene Hebert

    Hi, I’m rechecking on my post of 6 Apr 2014. I have several of the names as Tim Huhges has, my info from “les Registres de Bonaventure” some of the kids of Henry Hughes/Margret”Peggy” Martin are:
    -James Hughes/Catherine Turner, mr’d abt 1830 Ireland, stayed in Canada
    -John Hughes/Margaret Donahue, both d’d Caplon, Bonaventure, Canada
    -Michael Hughes/Catherine Cavanagh
    -Henry Hughes/Ann Highland, mr’d 2 Oct 1839, Cascapedia, Canada
    -William Hughes/Marguerite Campbell, lived in Minnesota after 1854
    On several bpstm rc’ds for the children of Thomas Hamilton/Marguerite Hughes, some of the above are witnesses. The story in the family is 5-6 families to US in 1854. I think the group went from Canada to Maine, to visit both Hughes and Martin families. From there some continued to Illinois, where some died of the cholera. From the 1860 census rc’ds they had gotten to Minnesota.
    Does anyone have more info?

  31. Christine K. Barwick-Fox

    I found another names of Kenna and Shea.

    I was looking at a note I had found on a scrap of paper.
    Here’s another connection to Father Anatole Oster. Married Thomas Shea and and Jane Mckenna. Look for Calvery Cemetery, Tumwater, Washington.

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